Key Tips a Traveler Should Know Before Travelling To Uganda

Key Tips a Traveler Should Know Before Travelling To Uganda – Forget about the immense endowment and dense attractions in Uganda and be quick to recognize the famously known hospitable and hardworking Ugandans who are so reliable, dedicated, and above all selfless in work or task delivery and fulfillment.

Key Tips a Traveler Should Know Before Travelling To Uganda

Key Tips a Traveler Should Know Before Travelling To Uganda

The morale is more boosted by the different attitudes and gratitude given to them by their guests to whom the service is delivered. There are some things that are not openly accepted in other parts of the world like tipping, males holding hands that are perceived conveys a different message but in Uganda, it is a different story since Ugandans see it as an ordinary act and not much attention is given to it. We look at the key tips for travelers to Uganda.

For our travelers, we want to pass across a few tips for travelers to you that make Ugandans exceptional in service delivery and boost morale in the service being delivered to you. Always human resource beautifies the experience of any traveler and the best experiences are attained when different partners working as one team to achieve the same purpose of making sure that the tourists have the best memories ever in their trip in the country and the giving them reasons to travel to any point in the country again with the same tour operator. Some of these tips for travelers:


This is one form of activity that shows gratitude and says I’m thankful for your service rendered to me. It’s neither demanded nor compulsory but it is an eternal feeling from the one to whom the service was rendered.  We at know that in most countries like Japan, Brazil, Italy, southern Korea, and several others where tipping is rudely hated because they believe it is an insult and for them at under any circumstance, good service is standard and expected of them but in Uganda where hospitable citizens are widely spread, tipping is highly accepted throughout the whole country. So, feel free to receive tips from the locals if availed and also be open and courteous enough to give out where possible.

Money accepted

All kinds of currencies are acceptable in Uganda. Be it dollars, Euros, Yen, Pounds, and others currencies. However, we highly recommend and advise that you exchange it to the local currency in Uganda shillings upon arrival to ease the purchase of the few small items like water, boda-boda fares, and many related small expenses so as to avoid being cheated and denial of the service due to a foreign currency possibly unknown to the locals.  The money accepted is some genuine money for the case of dollars, unripped and newer notes are accepted.

Cards accepted

Uganda is far much exposed to e-banking and payments and most of the cards are now accepted in Uganda, the debit, credit, and several other cards used. These can be availed by any bank operator accessed in the city or country and can be acquired in the shortest time possible. also advises you that in case you decide to have only a card, have a little money in the wallet so as to pay in cash at places where the cards are not recognized like in downtown restaurants. However, don’t attempt thieves by carrying ad exposing large sums of money in public that’s is carry small denominations only.

Exchange rate

Uganda uses the currency known as Uganda shillings (USHS) that recently has been fluctuating when it came to exchanging to the foreign currencies like dollar, pound, Kenyan shillings, Rwandan Francs, Euros, and others. However apparently, 1 US dollar = 3,720 USHS.  For exchange rates of other currencies, kindly inbox us and we shall be delighted to respond to your inquiries and as well recommend you to the genuine exchange rate bureaus where you cannot be cheated outside of the bank.

The above tips for travelers are just a few of those we thought are important for a traveler wishing to check out the Pearl Of Africa. These tips for travelers aren’t all there is, and the rest can be advised on by the amazing tour guides that Jewel Safaris offers.

For any safari to succeed, a lot of information and data must be availed, activities must be well-coordinated and that is exactly what we bring to you. We at Jewel Safaris Uganda are dedicated to ensuring that whenever or whoever books an African safari with us leaves contented for the classy services rendered. For more inquiries, kindly come to our inbox and we shall be delighted to respond to you with facts.

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