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Mountain Longonot National Park

Mountain Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot literally refers to a mountain with many summits and is the mountain where the national park sits, situated on the great rift valley of Kenya on the south east of Lake Naivasha. The last eruption is said to have occurred in the mid 1860’s. Mountain Longonot National Park is characterized by crater lakes and volcanic ranges and derives its names from a local Maasai language term-Oloonong ‘ot, meaning “Mountain of many Spurs” or “steep ridges”

Mount Longonot National Park is one of Kenya’s greatest gems; the distinct rim of the mountain encloses a large forested caldera habituating various wildlife. The mountain peak provides panoramic views of the great East Africa rift valley to the vast ends of the magnificent Lake Naivasha, giving breath-taking. The mountain is considered to be a young dormant volcano.

Mountain Longonot National Park can be accessed by road as one can drive for 2 hours and reaches the park with ease while on Kenya wildlife Safaris.

Attractions and activities to do within Mount Longonot National Park.


Mountain Longonot National Park
Mountain Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot offers some of the best hiking experiences on the continent, with its high rising ranges to the great peaks. The hike is an awesome challenge to the tourist but rewarding in the sense that once the tourist reaches the peak of the Mountain, they are able to have a site of Lake Naivasha.


Such an exciting experience as tourist go cycling on the steep slopes of the mountain ranges through the great wilderness of Mountain Longonot National Park, and can be able to spot a few animals species along the cycling tracks.

Bird watching

Bird watching can be done at any area of the park, the birds frequently seen are Lammergeyer and Verreaux’s eagle among others.

wildlife can be spotted around the Mountainous regions such as the buffaloes, antelopes, baboon, and numerous tree monkeys.

Wildlife viewing;

Mount Longonot National Park provides spectacular wildlife species with common sightings including buffaloes, antelopes, baboons, and various monkeys. There is also an awesome scenic view availed by Mountain Longonot and cannot be seen in any another national park. The activities here may be similar to those in other national parks but the best of it all is that the park is a hidden touristic treasure.

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