Transportation in Uganda

Peaceful, friendly, and hospitably attractive Uganda with tourist facilities spread all over the whole country is accessible by the main road. The well-positioned tourist attractions and their activities are the main cause of the widespread of the well medium developed bumpy road network. However, in some further areas, northeastern Uganda like Moroto, Kaabong, and many other districts, they can be accessed by a chartered flight too by a few of the companies that do it. All parts of Uganda are accessed by road generally with every region having an airstrip that supports mini flights as well. Making road and partially air transport the dominant best effective ways of traveling and exploring Uganda however, road transport is cheaper than air. We explore Transportation in Uganda.

Traveling by road

Link Bus - Transportation In Uganda Trinity bus - Transportation In Uganda

Apparently, all long-distance road networks/ movements are connected by buses. This is one of the most popular means of transportation in Uganda for long distances. These buses move to different regions for example: to western Uganda, bus companies like; Link bus, global bus, trinity, Bismarkan, Y.Y coaches, friends, and many others that can easily be accessed at parks like Bakuli for global buses. The same buses running to Western also service southern Uganda.

 Eastern region is run by buses in companies like Y.Y coaches, Teso coach, Kakise buses, and several others that park at Namayiba bus terminal. Those that go through east to Kenya include; Modern coaches and others. Northern is moved by bus companies like Gaga, K.K, Y.Y coaches, Baby coach, and several others are also spread out to bus terminals like Arua park, Namayiba bus terminal, and several other terminals.

 In Uganda, roads are also taxis with blue checkered markings on the sides that do both short and long-distance road trips. Very good for exploring Uganda and try out boarding them, though Ugandans have a perception that every white person has a lot of money and can afford a personal; car not board a taxi.

Also are special taxis that are capable of taking you anywhere you intend to reach. The drivers are so ready to follow your commands and travel details. There are also car hire services done by different companies like Jewel safaris that are effective, time-saving and so reliable. Car hire ranges from $50-$300 depending on the type of car. This comes with a driver. However self-drive can also be arranged if the procedures bound to it are surpassed by the one intending to enjoy the service. The terms here include insurance, international permit, and several others. Welcome to car hire services.

Traveling on motorbikes

Safe Boda - Transportation In Uganda Taxify - Transportation In Uganda

This is the most common means of transportation in Uganda for short distances. These are locally also referred to as the boda-bodas.  They are cost effective, faster, rarely affected by traffic jams and are the best means of transport to reach areas not easily reached by cars. They usually charge about USHS 1,500 per kilometer. The introduction of the widely spread online booking bodaboda services online with the most famous companies being safe body ( with orange helmets), Taxify ( green helmets), Uber (black in color helmets), has made usage of the bodaboda not only safer but also cheaper, secure and reliably with limited robbery, overcharging and accident cases because they offer clients their helmets too. Kampala city tour can also be done by boda boda and this is more than an experience since

Traveling by train

Though not well developed, there is limited railway service provided by the Uganda railways corporation that commutes city workers from Railways headquarters to Namanve in the morning and evening at a fee of USHS 1000 per route. This means of transportation in Uganda is not popularly used. Want to try out exploration of Kampala and its surrounding suburbs by train which uses diesel to run its engine? Very slow but it’s best effective than the roads that are mostly affected by traffic. Its journey from the Kampala departure point to the final destination is about 30 minutes. Faster than one who could have used the road transport means. However, there are plans on the way to put up the extension of the standard gauge railway network in Uganda from Mombasa Kenya soon.

Traveling by plane

Eagle Air - Transportation In Uganda Aero Link - Transportation In Uganda

Though Uganda has reinstalled back the national airline, it only has one international airport that is Entebbe International airport. This airport is the only airport apparently servicing all the inbound and outbound air travels in Uganda.

 However, there are several airstrips spread out countrywide that can be used by choppers, small planes all this to reduce on costs of road drives. Companies apparently handling small air-chartered flights include Fly Uganda, Eagle Air, Aero link, and several others. Airlines serving Entebbe airport include Kenyan airways, emirates airlines, Ethiopian airlines RwandAir, and several others.

Traveling by water

Areas in Uganda covered by water like central, western areas reached by Lake Albert, Lake George, and Edward, Lake Victoria, River Nile are accessed using water transport under the companies like The places include Jinja. Form Entebbe/ Kampala. With a cheaper cost of less than US $30, and this travel mostly comes with an untold experience, fun, and endless sights and sounds from the point of departure to arrival. Departure points here include: Nakiwogo docking area and others are in Entebbe.

For any more details about the means of Transportation in Uganda, we at Jewel Safaris Uganda are ready to reply to your questions and make any arrangements ready for car hire services in Kampala and Uganda as a whole. Inbox us via and explore the pearl of Africa in any kind of safari arranged of interest.

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