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Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park Rwanda, Activities & Attractions

Akagera National Park is one of the most beautiful places anyone in the world would visit .It is over 1,200 square kilometers in the Eastern province of Rwanda state. Akagera national park came into existence in 1934 with the aim of defending and preserving the animals and savannah vegetation in the regions including mountains and swamps.

Wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park
Wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park

How did Akagera National Park come into existence?

Akagera national park was named after the Akagera river which is also historical and attractive flowing along lake Ihema.The Area park covers the biggest part with over 2,500km2 bordering the united republic of Tanzania and it is protected most for tourism activities by the Rwanda development board and the government of Rwanda.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Have you ever gone on a safari to Akagera national park or it’s your first time?

Here is some travel notice for new visitors,

  • Travel by Airlines from Kigali international airport include Rwandair, Kenya airways, Ethiopian airlines, Qatar airways, Brussels airlines, and Turkish airlines.

Telephone Network in Rwanda

Rwanda is known for the best telephone network compared to the rest of Africa. The network covers the entire region and you are also able to make international calls at an affordable rate.

The mobile network companies in Rwanda region include MTN Rwanda, TOGO and others.

They have distributors and agents with outlets over the country especially in areas for tourism and accommodation which sell Sim packs cheaply.

Internet connectivity in Rwanda.

In almost the entire region of Rwanda, there’s better and first internet connection and WIFI.

Visitors are able to communicate with their relatives, friends, workmates and bosses at any time without any hinderence. you sit connected since the safari starts to the end when you return home.

Testing for Covid19 is a must,

All people traveling to Rwanda have to introduce a covid19 vaccination card with negative mark to show that you are not infected by the pandemic and the test must be done in 72 hours before the departure. meaning travelers must test within three days to the travel day.

Take note that all travelers are again tested on arrival to know the current COVID status positive or negative.

All travelers including tour drivers must fill and submit a travel form accompanied with the covid 19 vaccination card or certificate within 25 hours to the trip.

Are there any accommodations near Akagera National Park?

There are several good hotels in Mwiri where Akagera national park is found, hotels like Silent Hill located 12.2 miles to the has beautiful space for resting, big rooms for both single and double and delicious food species at an affordable price.

Another good hotel is Midland 3-star Hotel, located near Akagera national park just 11.4 also has a beautiful environment for viewing, best accommodation with excellent hospitality at a very low-price rate.

  • Vintage Cottage Hotel is good for accommodation especially for visitors who come to Akagera national park. It is located just 16.9 miles from the park with a 2.5-star service at good and affordable prices for both local and foreign.
  • Akagera Resort and Country club located only 17.1 miles from Akagera National Park .It is a 2.5-star hotel, with good accommodations and hospitality at an affordable price.
  • Nyagasambu Realm Beach Hotel, located just 24.3 as you head to Akagera National Park. The hotel offers gladness services and accommodations, they have professional chefs who prepare good and delicious foods for all types including the Rwanda fish which is spiced with unique ingredients. Their services are affordable to all clients, especially visitors.

How far is Akagera National park?

Akagera national park is found in the Eastern side of Rwanda, a drive of just 122kilometers, about 1hour and twenty minutes Kigali city.

How many lakes are in Akagera National park?

Over 10 felicity lakes are found in Akagera national park which makes it beautiful and attractive for visitors. However, the most visited lake among the ten are;

  • Lake Ihema
  • Lake Shakani

How many animals are found in Akagera national park?

The park comprises of over blessedness 8000 bigger and longer animal species, and these are;

  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Lycanos
  • Hippos
  • Topi
  • Buffalos
  • Rhinoceros etc.

How many Elephants in Akagera National Park?

Currently there are over 35 [ thirty-five] bliss elephants in the park with 2 [two] males which have just been added on recently in 2017 for reproduction and subduction.


In the year of 1975,26 [twenty-six] elephants were introduced into Akagera national park from Bugesera in Kigali. These young telepaths were just 7 [seven]years old including both 12 females and 14 males.

Amongst the 26 elephants brought, the three got habituated including Mutware the king of the jungle, Mwiza and Helico.Thus Mwiza with Helica never changed hence leaving Mutware in a single and lonely life.

What to do at Akagera National Park?

There a number of beatitude activities done at the park, including Boat trips scheduled 4 times in a day starting at exactly 7:30am,9:00am,3:00pm and lastly 4:30 pm, Bird watching is at only 30 US dollars per person, Fishing; The park frequently organizes warm fuzzies competitions for fishing and many visitors get to compete favorably and beatitude themselves, Hiking and Guided walks; here you get to view the flora and fauna while on walk, and Community tourism; you get see how the Rwandese leave in their local communities and see how they live with cows, how to care them, communicate with them, how to milk them, how to make ghee and others.

What primates found at Akagera National park?

While at the tour of the national park, you get to see distinguishable primates of all natures.

At Akagera National park you automatically see primates like;

  • Blue monkeys
  • Olive baboons
  • Vervet monkeys
  • Black and white colobus monkeys
  • Silver monkeys etc.

What Birds Found at Akagera National park?

The classification of bird species that are found at the park include;

  • African Darter
  • Long tore and water knee 
  • Giant kingfisher
  • Senegal lapwings
  • Grey crowned crane
  • Sqacco herons
  • Papyrus gonolek
  • Shoell bill stock
  • Fan tailed window hamerkop
  • Cattle egret etc.

What is the best time to visit Akagera National park?

For the first time visitors, the best time to visit is from the mouth of June to September where the area is totally dry which makes it easier for sporting animals.

Between the months of June and September, the park tends to get very busy with hosting many different visitors and for this reason you kindly advise to book in time to avoid disturbances which may lead to missed journeys due to the limited number of visitors always accepted in the park during this season.

During the months of March, April, October and November, the area kicks off with more rain from the sky and visitors are advised to always pack waterproof rain jackets, gumboots and long shoes, umbrellas etc.

The best weather always kicks off in the month of June to September where little rains with average temperatures cover the space which glorifies tourism in the park.

However, the worst time for visiting Akagera national park is during the months of Much and April. This time, the park is covered with much rain from the sky which stops the movements and you are unable to see any animals and birds from outside.

Also, in the months of Much and April, the area is covered with more mosquitoes from the forest trees and swamps which may put your life in danger of easily being attacked with malaria.

How much does it cost to enter Akagera national park?

The entry fees into the park is categorized as follows;

  • Children to 5years old are not charged for entrance.
  • Visitors of 13 years and above are charged with adults and visitors of 12 years below are charged as children.

However, the fees for entrance is as follows;

  • Rwandese and EAC citizens pay 7.50 US dollars equivalent to 6,500 Rwf
  • Children aged 6 to 12 years pay 4 US dollars, equivalent to 3,500 Rwf.
  • Rwanda EAC residents pay35USdollars equivalent to 6,500Rwf
  • Foreign visitors pay 30 US dollars equivalent to 3,500Rwf

The activities are charged as per;

  • Fishing is charged 25USdollars and children above 6 – 12 years pay 15usdollars only per person with your own fishing materials/equipment
  • Boat trip is charged 35USdollars per person and children pay only 20USdollars
  • With a private boat, you are entitled to pay 180 US dollars, however children don’t pay.
  • Camping is charged at 25 US dollars per person and children pay only 15USdollars
  • Community tour is valued at 30USdollar only per person, however at maximum of 3 [three] people and children are valued at 20 US dollars per person.
  • Touring behind the scene is charged at 25USdollars per person and children pay 15 dollars.

The park has also package for annual pass as seen below;

  • Rwandese who are EAC citizens valued at 95,000 Rwf per person [single] and couples pay 11,5000 Rwf only.

EAC Rwanda resident singles pay 250USdollars,400 for couples and 600 for family or group

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