1 Day Kampala City tour Uganda

Safari Overview

Jewel Safaris brings you a 1 Day Kampala City tour. Kampala is a very busy city, the heart of the Buganda Tribe and capital of Uganda.

The Kampala city is located an hour from Entebbe, where the International Airport for Uganda is located, as well as the official seat of the government, State House.

Kampala is the location of the Ugandan Parliament, foreign Embassies and the offices of the various Ugandan government departments.

Kampala is not an easy place to get around, as the roads are usually full of traffic, especially the main entry roads to the city.

The traffic  are notorious, and for people that travel within the city limits, the favorite choice of transport is the Boda Boda….a 100 cc motor bike taxi; there are tens of thousands of them moving like mice on all the city roads.

On your 1 Day Kampala City tour in Uganda, you will get to see many Religious and Culturally Historic sites.

Kampala has both Religious and Culturally Historic sites; mosques, cathedrals, Bugandan Kingdom tombs and palaces; the city is rich with much to see.  Local markets selling produce and every sort of manufactured product are also to be found in all neighborhoods; the biggest being Nakasero market (for fruits and vegetables) and Owino Market (for everything under the sun).

This 1 Day Kampala City tour will expose you to many cuisines. There are many restaurant choices, including some International cuisines, such as Chinese, Italian, American (KFC), Kenyan, Ethiopian and Rwandan so on  a tour to Uganda do not  hesitate to visit such amazing restaurants.

1 Day Kampala City tour

Of course the thousands of small and big Ugandan restaurants and street vendors, offer local dishes from

many of the 45 tribes that live in Uganda. Bars and night clubs are abundantly scattered across the city, many with live music performances.

English is spoken widely in Kampala; it is the official language of Uganda. For tourists, it is easy to find foreign exchange bureaus, banks and ATM machines, as well as supermarkets.

Itinerary 1 Day Kampala City tour Uganda

On this 1 Day Kampala City tour after breakfast, your Jewel Safaris guide will pick you at your hotel in either Kampala or Entebbe, and give you a briefing of the agenda. The tour will start with a visit to the National Museum on Kira Road, as it is one of the few places in the city that opens early.  Afterwards you will be taken to some of the prominent Religious sites in the city such as the Baha’i Temple, the Gadaafi Mosque, the Rubaga Catholic Cathedral and the Namirembe Anglican Cathedral.  A visit to the Uganda Martyrs Basilica/Shrine in Namagongo is next; this is a Catholic church dedicated to the Martyrs of Uganda who died to conserve the Christian Faith.

Next is a visit to the Culturally Historic sites, including the Wamala Tombs and the Shrine of Kabaka Suuna, where traditional religious practices hosted by the Royal Family are conducted.  In addition, you will go to Kabaka’s Lake, where the King’s Palace is situated.  .

Lunch is next on the agenda; you will be taken to a local restaurant, such as St. Anthony’s where you will taste typical Ugandan dishes.

Following lunch, you will be taken to Owino Market, the largest covered market in East Africa.  Here the specialty is second hand clothing, but everything from herbal medicines to Televisions are for sale.

This 1 Day Kampala City tour would not be complete without seeing the two Taxi Parks that are near the market; here thousands of vehicles come and go constantly every day, bringing travelers into and out of the city center of Kampala.

Your tour will end with a visit to the National Theatre and the Craft Village next door.  Here you can purchase Ugandan as well as Kenyan handicrafts from local merchants.

The official tour will end here, but if you would like to extend your visits to include some of the Night Life that exists, your guide will be happy to accommodate.  Kampala is a very vibrant city in the evening; many pubs, bars, and different music venues, for the young and old.

Note:  Accommodation in Kampala/Entebbe can be arranged for both or either nights.

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