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Jewel Safaris is a Uganda based tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda that delivers world-class service to the highest standards in East Africa. Mr Dona Tindyebwa, the Managing Director was recently elected as Director on the Board of Trustees for the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO). Jewel Safaris Uganda provides professionally crafted Uganda safaris, both scheduled and tailormade, gorilla safaris in Rwanda, as well as wildlife adventure holidays in Kenya and Tanzania guided by Mountain Gorilla in Ugandaqualified and experienced tour guides. We offer a comprehensive range of safaris and tours in ,Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, which are built around our clients' needs. Our Uganda safari offers include gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee tracking tours, wildlife safaris, cultural tours and excursions to major towns and cities etc. On our tours, travellers to East Africa will have an opportunity to enjoy truly magical adventure tours and wild outdoor safari experiences. Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality service, at the most considerate package rates, on a safari package of your choice for you to better exploit the very best that the East African paradise has to offer! It is our specialty to organise tailor-made safaris and tours, private travel packages, and self drive safaris in any East African country and destination of your choice, at your budget, and according to your time frame/ schedule. Our team of experts will help you create a successful safari in East Africa by utilizing our years of experience, local knowledge and a reliable network of tour partners that we have developed overtime, plus our excellent adventure safari packages.


Looking for a Custom Trip?

We also offer custom made safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Our experts are waiting to assist you in customising a unique guided safari of your choice or we can offer you recommended Uganda safaris & Rwanda tour packages that commensurate to your safari interests. Experience a wonderful array of breathtaking scenery, engage in exciting adventure activities and see the most prolific wildlife in natural safari parks in Uganda and East Africa wholesomely with Jewel Safaris, a safari company with a full range of innovation, experienced staff, practical travel services and flexibility to incorporate your interests any time you wish. Our safari packages are cater for all interests that include private groups, families or individual travellers..


Top Uganda Safari Offers

Whether you enjoy wild adventure expeditions and challenges, or quiet relaxation and serenity, you will agree that nothing compares to a vacation safari in Uganda. From the rare mountain gorillas to exciting sceneries, rafting on the Nile, extreme sports, bird watching, gorilla treks, mountain trekking hikes and treks, wild game viewing in rolling grasslands teeming with wildlife, and truly unique cultural experiences, Uganda has much to offer and all these adventure are within your reach. below are some of the top safari offers;


Gorilla Safaris - Trips to the Gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda

Uganda gorilla-chimpanzee tracking safaris in Uganda

Our Gorilla tracking tours engage very captivating safari activies; it involves walking in the wilderness in search of these great apes. Our gorilla safaris take you to two gorilla parks in Uganda which are prime areas for tracking these endangered giants. The former Kigezi gorilla Reserve, [Mgahinga National Park] located on the northern rim of the Virunga volcanoes and Bwindi Forest. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south west of Uganda is the richest forest in the country in terms of plant species, and there exists more than half (about 350) of the world's population of mountain gorillas. There are ten gorilla families that have been habituated for gorilla tracking. We also offer several gorilla safaris to Rwanda's Parc Nationale des Volcans (PNV), a place Dian Fossey called home for almost 30 years! These trips range from 3 days gorilla treks to longer holidays that are combined with other adventures in Uganda, Rwanda and the East African region. Click here to see our gorilla tour programme


Chimpanzee Trekking Tours

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale ForestKibale Forest National Park is inhabited by many large families of chimpanzees, several of which are accessible for human observation by walking trails cut through the dense forest. There is also a wonderfully diverse community of other primates, including red colobus, red-tailed guenon, white-nosed monkey, gray-cheeked mangabey, blue monkey, L'Hoest's monkey, and black and white colobus monkey. Along with these are olive baboon, bushbaby, and the nocturnal potto. These animals have been the subject of long-term research projects, so they are now tame and easy to observe. Apart from Kibale Forest, you can also track chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks.We offer exciting chimpanzee safaris in Uganda.




White Water Rafting - Adventure Trips Along the River Nile

White water rafting Uganda safaris adventure trip

The world’s longest river roars to life as the White Nile minutes after slipping quietly from Lake Victoria. It thunders between heavily forested islands and then leaps wildly into a series of spectacular drops. The roar of the rapids drift upstream with the gently breeze. People living near the river's edge and wooden canoes laden with excited locals are mesmerized as they watch the rafts in action. To the amazement of our audience, we plunge into the maelstrom and ride the mountainous waves downstream. The rafts explode through huge walls of whitewater and drift through the warm green pools (27°C) in the equatorial sunshine. This is white water rafting at its very best. This is the Source of the mighty Nile River, and the source of adventure and excitement. Join us for the wildest rafting trip on the planet. Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of the best extreme sports activities Africa has to offer, knowing you are in the safest hands with Jewel Safaris Uganda.


Uganda WildLife Safaris

Wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

We offer game viewing safaris in Uganda's savanna parks; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo valley, Semuliki, Lake Mburo National Park and several game reserves. Our wildlife safaris are tailored to showcase the best game viewing in unspoilt natural parks. See Uganda's wildlife including tree climbing lions, leopards, thousands of hippos, buffalo, elephant, giraffees, cheetahs, and multitudes of birds with our Uganda Wildlife Safaris. The huge grasslands of Uganda's savanna parks that stretch out with grazing topi, kobs and cape buffaloes never disappoint.