Lion tracking experience in Uganda

Lion tracking in Uganda and the rest of East Africa only takes place in Queen Elizabeth National Park situated in the western part of Uganda and is the most popular and most visited national park in the country.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is famously known for the tree climbing lions in Ishasha which are the key attractions in the park and these can be sighted while on a game drive. Queen Elizabeth national park has the largest population of tree climbing lions in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth Park - Tree climbing lions

Queen Elizabeth Park – Tree climbing lions

Besides encountering the lions on a game drive, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers lion tracking, a unique experience that involves following the lions with radio collars which are used to track their movements and you get a close encounter. You will earn more about their different behavioral patterns like feeding habits and other social characteristics.

The lion tracking activity starts with a briefing and it is done in the company of researchers from the Uganda Carnivore Program, a wildlife conservation body under the research department of Uganda Wildlife Authority. During lion tracking, the researchers equip you with more information about the lions.

Small groups of 4 – 6 people are allowed to track the lions and this is to avoid stressing the lions.

Lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park is done in 3 sessions, the morning, afternoon, and night sessions, and each of the sessions may last about 2 – 3 hours.

Lion tracking costs $100 for both Foreign Non – residents and foreign residents, 100,000 Ugandan shillings for the East African Community members. Bookings for the activity are required to be done in advance. 

Other activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park include; a boat cruise on Kazinga, bird watching, nature walks, mongoose tracking, community and cultural tours, and many others.

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