Luxury Family Safaris with Kids in Uganda

Nothing more beautiful than seeing the expression on the children’s faces as they catch sight of different wildlife species while on luxury family safaris with kids in Uganda. Jewel safaris offers ultimate Uganda family safaris, we plan/recommend exclusive family safaris with your interests well catered for creating a pleasant safari desirable for every family member.

With deep local knowledge, we suggest a wide range of activities and lodges that will grant you unique experiences while on a family safari holiday. We urge you to have enough days for the family safari so as to explore and discover the beauty of the wild, have enough rest but also leaving everlasting memories with the entire family.

Luxury Family Safaris with Kids in Uganda

A Family Safari with Kids in Uganda

There is a wide range of great accommodation facilities with staff that undoubtedly occupy the children with interesting/enjoyable activities such as clay modelling, cycling, educational nature walks and many others that are done in the company of an experienced guide.

Game drives, cultural encounters, nature walks, horseback riding, rhino tracking, boat cruise on some of the popular water bodies and much more fun filled activities are all part of our luxury family safari with kids in Uganda. We craft an itinerary that allows precious family time with a variety of wildlife encounters. Have some time in between the different activities to relax.

Tips for a successful/productive/rewarding family safari experience

Always listen and follow instructions from the rangers.

Avoid making loud noises or shouting while in the presence of wildlife as this may irritate the animals and always remember to put your phones in silence.

Watch out for the little children during the different activities as they may wander off.

It is also recommended that the whole family should have received the required vaccination.

Some people also ask how much a family safari would cost. This depends on various elements including where you choose to stay during the safari, the activities you intend to take on, and the traveling time of the year.

At Jewel Safaris, we guarantee comfort and safety to all your family members during your Family Luxury Safaris with kids in Uganda. Sum up your family safari with an extension to one of the beaches. Rest from the long distances and fatigue from the activities before taking on your flight back home.