Zika forest Uganda Information Guide

Wildlife in Uganda is spread everywhere. Visitors are always thrilled with what they see since the wildlife species is always beyond their expectations. Let’s explore Zika forest.

Located along the Kampala-Entebbe highway, Zika forest is home to several wildlife species including over 140 plant species, snakes, birds, monkeys, and mosquitoes making it a worthwhile destination to visit. The forest is occupied by swamps of Waiya Bay which join it to Lake Victoria.

Zika Forest

forest looks

Zika is a Luganda word that means “overgrown”. The forest is a property of the Uganda Virus Research Institute, protected and restricted to scientific research and covers over 25 hectares.

History of Zika forest Uganda

Zika forest is one of the smallest forest reserves in Uganda. It shares its name with the Zika virus which was first discovered here after an infected Aedes mosquito spread the Zika virus the rhesus monkeys that lived here and later to humans. The Virus is linked to a birth defect condition.

If you intend to visit Uganda for a scientific research in the forest, Zika forest reserve provides you with the opportunity as there are a lot of micro organs that you will be able to sample. This is one of the perfect destinations for research safaris

Zika forest is as well ideal for picnics that will allow you to enjoy the fresh breathe of a new environment from the urban or town air to the natural soothing wilderness. A picnic done here can be with friends, a retreat by yourself or family and get to listen to the sounds of birds singing in the forest. This forest should be on your list while on a Uganda safari. It’s not far away from Entebbe International Airport therefore if your flight arrives early you can choose to pass by and relax as you relieve yourself from the long journey.

In addition to the nature, history and wildlife, Zika forest also has a very strong educational relevance especially to students who study about nature and conservation.

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