Zanzibar safari trips 2019

Zanzibar safari is just one of a kind not to be missed by the real fun hunting travel freaks. The Zanzibar safari is just uniquely a giver of memories essential for the soul. What a sugarcoated place Zanzibar must be?

My History subject’s tutors back then during my school days either brain washed me or just gave me rationales as why I must visit Zanzibar when I can. I was taught me a lot about this place.

They added that the natural endowments of this placed culminated some notable rulers to move their capitals to settle in this island on the Indian Ocean. From my reasonable childhood age till date, Zanzibar I have believed that Zanzibar is the must go destination when I grow up.

Zanzibar safari to Historic trade center.

As time went, I read still written literature, listened to what is being talked about and watched the online clips that exposed the spectacular seemingly undisturbed beauty of this place.

This even fondered and hiked my soul’s travel demands to reach to this place. Guess what I want to go with my other fellow travel freaks, fun hunters to this tourist park. For the time I was there, a lot happened that you need to see by yourself too.

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Zanzibar in summary

The place is romantically and magnificently so beautiful no wonder Zanzibar got the lion’s (sultan’s) share of attention on the Zanzibar archipelago. Its old stone town pulsates with a mesmerizing mix of influences and it’s an easy ride between here and the island’s heavenly beaches.

Zanzibar city tour, beach holiday, spice tour

So bag yourself on a moped and zoom around Zanzibar – it’s the only way to travel. Sit and enjoy our ride with you to the heart of the memories field adventurous park of experiences. Don’t stop here, just proceed to book a safari with us to the Zanzibar

Fortify yourself for the day’s adventures with a fruit smoothie or a strong brew from the Zanzibar coffee house. Just like elsewhere, it’s good to have some cool fruity juice to activate the body giants to get ready to safeguard you from any attacks more so from hunger strikes prior the next meal time clocks in.

these fruit juices are so available at just a mere cough away distance. Well coffee takers won’t be forgotten as they also have theirs readily next them with the team just waiting for you to give them attention.

After a refreshing lip licking fruit juice, we shall take a walk through Darajani market in the morning, when everything is still fresh. This chaotic market’s dark and narrow passageways assault the senses.

Brace yourself for occasional whiffs of spices mixing with the stench of fish, the clamor of vendors hawking their wares, brightly coloured piles of fruits and vegetables and dozens of small shops selling everything from plastic tubs to auto spares.

Historic rich island Zanzibar Island

Jump aboard your moped. Stop by Dhow countries music academy and arrange drumming lessons. Because someone said music is the only language that everyone listens and understands, you should join the experts in this and get the whole message in whatever kind of music made here be initiated and composed by you.

Visit the old slave market. The Anglican cathedral was built on the site of the old slave market alongside Creek Road. While nothing remains of it today, it remains a sobering reminder of the not-so-distant past.

Old slave trade market front view

If it’s the weekend, watch an afternoon football game at Mnazi Mmoja Sporting Grounds. Zanzibar is are passionate football fans, and watching a game is a good introduction to island life. Wondering here which language you will cheer with to fit in the crowd and don’t behave like one lost spectator.

Zoom across the width of the island to Pongwe Beach and spend the afternoon paddling in its luminously clear waters. The quiet arc of the beach is dotted with palm trees and backed by dense vegetation, and is about as close to heaven as you can get.

Pongwe Beach

Head back to town to watch the sunset from Forodhani Gardens. The grassy plaza comes alive with dozens of vendors serving up such delicacies as grilled pweza (octopus), plates of goat meat, Zanzibar pizza (rolled-up, omelette-filled chapatti), a thick, delicious local version of naan, piles of chips, samosas and much more.

Zanzibar the archipelago capital of East Africa

Forodhani gardens in Zanzibar

Head back to your hotel to rest your weary head.: After all the above listed program, the most yearned for thing in the whole universe is bed because you will be exhausted by sweet things you did during day. Sweet but tiring yeah?! Try and travel with us here before the year ends and be turned into Anita Roddick of this era.  

How is it? Do you feel like getting on ground visiting this awesome must visit place for any fun hunter?  Kindly bring the response to our Jewel safaris inbox inform of an inquiry or booking.  Our team is on standby to help you go explore and uncover the memories rich fun filled experiential tour in the Zanzibar Island.

Welcome to Zanzibar Island with the jovial team of Jewel safaris!

Here are some of the itineraries to draw you to Zanzibar.

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