Zanzibar beach holidays are part of the exciting experience during tours to the island located on the Indian ocean.

These beach holidays on Zanzibar island can be carried out at any time of the year and the different beaches are found on different parts of the island. The beaches of Zanzibar are known for their white sands which create the ideal tropical escape in Tanzania.

Beaches in Zanzibar include Kendwa beach, Nungwi beach, Paje beach, Jambiani beach, Matemwe beach, Pongwe beach, Kiwengwa beach, Bwejuu beach, Michamvi beach, Kizimkazi beach among others.

Nungwi beach is located on the north western part of Zanzibar island and is a very lively part of the island.

Kizimkazi beach is located on the southern coast of Zanzibar and is famous for dolphin tours during beach holidays on the island. 

Paje beach is located on the south eastern coast of Zanzibar island and is famous for kite surfing and various water sports.

Every year, more holidaymakers from around the world visit Zanzibar as the island’s tourism industry continues to expand. The island’s tourism business has been a huge success, contributing roughly 80% of Zanzibar’s annual foreign exchange profits, and has helped the island develop.

Restaurants, banks, and other businesses spread in the island, among others, in some ways directly and indirectly profit from tourism. A large number of island people have also profited from tourism through work in tour operators, hotels, resorts, as tour guides, and even those who sell souvenirs around the island have benefited.

Best time to visit beaches in Zanzibar

Beach holidays in Zanzibar can be carried out at any time of the year including the dry seasons or the rainy seasons.

However the best time to visit Zanzibar island is during the dry season which is experienced from June to October and also around December to February when the weather is good and favourable for activities around the island.

The rainy season in Zanzibar is experienced around March to May and also around November.

Where to stay in Zanzibar

The different hotels and resorts found by the beach in Zanzibar offer luxury accommodation, midrange accommodation and budget travellers can also find affordable places to stay during their holidays on the island.

Hotels found on Bwejuu beach include Baraza resort and spa, Breezes beach club, The Palms Zanzibar, Zawadi hotel Zanzibar, Zanzibar dream lodge, Indigo beach Zanzibar, Sahari Zanzibar, Evergreen bungalows,  African paradise beach hotel, Blue palm guesthouse among others.

Around Michamvi beach, places to stay include Kichanga lodge, Konokono beach resort, Qambiani luxury resort, Ras Michamvi beach resort, Michamvi spirit lodge, Pearl beach by Sansi, Michamvi sunset bay resort, Le Mersenne Zanzibar, Botanica eco lodge among others.

While visiting Nungwi beach, some of the hotels to stay at include Hotel Rui palace Zanzibar, Nungwi dreams by Mantis, Z hotel, Canary Nungwi hotel, Aluna Nungwi, Royal Zanzibar beach resort, The Zanzibari, Sandies baobab beach Zanzibar, Malika Nungwi hotel, Flame tree cottages, Nungwi garden boutique hotel, Nungwi getaway, Nungwi inn beach cottages, Amaan Nungwi hotel, Nungwi house, Villa Kirumi, Kigwedeni villas, Kilimani house Nungwi heritage resort, Mambo boutique Nungwi, Kihori Nungwi, Karibu beach house among others.

Hotels around Kendwa beach include Zuri Zanzibar, Kendwa rocks beach resort, Kilindi Zanzibar, Natural Kendwa villa, Gold Zanzibar beach house and spa, Villa vanilla Kendwa, Kendwa rocks hotel, Sunset Kendwa beach hotel, Ndiro beach house Kendwa, Pumzika Kendwa villa, Sansi Kendwa beach resort among others.

Kizimkazi beach has hotels in Zanzibar which include The Residence Zanzibar, Unguja lodge, Fruit and spice wellness resort, Karamba eco boutique hotel, Bella vista resort, Kusini beach bungalows, Royal Zanzibar beach resort, Blue moon resort, Aya beach resort, Mahali Zanzibar among others.

Places to stay around Matemwe beach include Matemwe lodge, Zan view hotel, Zoi boutique hotel, Marafiki beach hotel and spa, Alladin boutique beach hotel, Kena beach hotel, Emerald Zanzibar resort and spa, Zanzibar sunrise at Bandas, Zanzibar Queen hotel among others.

Pongwe beach has places to stay which include the following Pongwe beach hotel, Karibu beach hotel, The Island Pongwe lodge, Pongwe bay resort, Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort, Seasons lodge Zanzibar, White Paradise Zanzibar, Azao resort and spa, Toa hotel and spa Zanzibar among others.

Hotels around Paje beach include White sands Zanzibar, Mwezi boutique resort, Dhow Inn boutique hotel, Paje beach apartments and hotel, Mahali Zanzibar, The nest boutique hotel, the Z hotel, Paje palms among others.

Activities to do during beach holidays in Zanzibar

Activities of a variety are carried out during beach holidays in Zanzibar during the year and they include the following; 

  • Stone town tours

Stone town tours are among the activities to do during beach holidays around Zanzibar. The Stone town is located in the heart of the island and is known to be a town with rich history, beautiful architecture and a diversity of cultures. 

This town can be explored on foot during tours in Zanzibar which involve visiting place such as the Old Fort, the palace museum, the House of wonders, Darajani market, the Old slave market among others. You can also see the Zanzibari doors as well as the local markets.

Spice tours

The island of Zanzibar is known for its spices grown on the island such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla among others are grown in the farms. There is also a variety of tropical fruits grown on the island 

You can also taste the local food prepared using the spices during tours on the Zanzibar island and also buy some spices. 

  • Snorkelling

Snorkelling in Zanzibar is among the activities that many tourists visiting the island take part in.

Places to do snorkelling around Zanzibar island include Mnemba atoll, Nungwi beach, Kendwa beach among others. The best time for snorkelling on the island is around February and March and also around July to September.

  • Diving

Diving in Zanzibar is another activity to do during tours around the island and different aquatic species can be seen during this experience which is best done around February and March and also around July and August.

  • Swimming

A beach holiday in Zanzibar is not complete without enjoying a swim and basking in the sunlight of the tropical island. You can also swim in the pools at the hotels during your stay in Zanzibar.

  • Kite surfing

The island of Paje is famous for this activity which is best done around December to March and also around June to September. Kite surfing can be done by both beginners and also the skilled surfers.

  • Cultural tours

Cultural tours can also be done on Zanzibar island as a way of interacting with the locals and getting to know their culture and can also involve tasting or preparing the local food, and buy local arts and crafts among other experiences. 

  • Dhow cruises

Another activity to do during a beach holiday in Zanzibar is a dhow cruise which can be done in the morning or in the afternoon.

The dhows used during this activity are also made by the locals and can be used as a form of transport to different parts of Zanzibar island and also during activities such as the safari blue experience. 

  • Safari blue tour

The safari blue experience is a full day activity which tourists can take part in when visiting Zanzibar island and it involves a boat ride, snorkelling, visiting the Menai bay, lunch on the boat and so much fun.

  • Jozani forest tour

Visiting the Jozani forest is another activity to do during beach holidays on Zanzibar island. The forest is home to the red colobus monkeys which are an endangered species. 

How to get to Zanzibar island during beach holidays 

Zanzibar island can be accessed by flight and also by ferry during beach holidays in Tanzania.

The airport used on Zanzibar island is Abeid Amani Karume international airport which is the only airport on the island.

Booking a ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar island is another way to get to the island during beach holidays.