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Why trek Gorillas in Uganda?

Why trek Gorillas in Uganda – Everything you need to know about gorilla tracking

Are you planning asafari to Africa  and wondering why trekking gorillas in Uganda is important . .Gorillas are known to be one of the most amazing primates in Africa because of their shy nature. They live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in the southwest of Uganda.Here is everything you need to know about gorilla tracking .

  1. The Mighty Gorilla Families Live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Bwindi is blessed with many gorilla families that have attracted many tourists. The families include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Nshongi gorilla family.
  • Rushegura gorilla family
  • Mishaya gorilla family
  • Bitukura gorilla family
  • Nkuringo gorilla family
  • Oruzongo gorilla family
  • Mubare gorilla family
  • Habinyanja gorilla family

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has the largest number of gorilla families compared to mgahinga national  park which has only one family, the Nyakagezi family, which often migrates to Rwanda and Congo.

Why trek uganda Gorilla?
The mighty gorillas in Bwindi impentrable national park .

2.Uganda Gorillas are Safe to See!

Concerning Covid-19, the Uganda government together with Uganda Wildlife authority have taken measures to ensure tourism safety when gorilla tracking. Travellers should carry at least two N95 masks or surgical masks or double layered cloth masks with filters and all visitors have been encouraged to carry their own sanitizer. Above all, the Uganda Wildlife Authority treats and takes care of the gorillas on a regular basis to ensure they are in excellent health!

  1. It’s Affordable!

For a limited time and as a means to spark tourism, the Uganda Wildlife Authority is pleased to offer gorilla permits on discount from 1st Dec 2020-June 2021. Foreign residents pay 300 USD (discounted from 600 USD), and foreign non-residents pay 400 USD (discounted from 700 USD).The fact that the gorilla permit is affordable to all indiviuals  no reasons to why trek gorillas in Uganda can be missed out.

4. A rare and unique character.

One should see the Uganda gorilla because they have a memorable experience when you have a moment with them. The gorillas are usually afraid and aggressive when you come close to them, they will hit the chest when angry. During the habituation you will have a chance to feed and spend time with gorillas hence making your safari complete.

  1. The gorilla safari is complimented by other Activities!

You will not only encounter gorillas but also activities like:

Batwa Cultural Experience –During this experience you will get to know the culture of local Batwa people, known as pygmies! They will perform local songs and dances. You will also meet the traditional healer who heals diseases and other problems.

Birding –While tracking, Bwindi is an ideal home of many bird species with over 360 species recorded. All bird lovers will have the experience of a lifetime!

Canoe Experience–Travel the waters of Lake Mutanda as local guides take you on a journey of beauty and relaxation!

Nature Walk –There are many walks that can be packaged with gorilla experience the lvi river walk, muzubijiro walk, and Nkuringo trail walk and many more.

  1. Easy Access to the park -how to get to bwindi 

By Ground: You can get there by road which is a 9 hour drive from Kampala. During this journey you will travel through local districts such as Masaka, Mbarara, Ntungamo, and Kabala before connecting to your tracking point.

By Air: Enjoy the majestic view while traveling over Uganda by aeroplane! There are domestic airlines such as Aero link, which operate scheduled and charted flights from Entebbe International Airport, Kihihi, Kisoro, or Kajjansi airport. Flights depart every day from Entebbe airport at 7:00am, 10:15am, and 12:00pm with arrival times at Kihihi airstrip at 8:45am, 11:25am, and respectively.

  1. Great Accommodations in Bwindi national park.

Accommodations in the southwest of Uganda attract visitors to see the Uganda gorillas because they all fit in the traveller’s budget accordingly. For instance, the budget-minded tourists can have their stay at the Gift of Nature Lodge, Nshongi Camp, Nshongi Camp, Ruhija Community camp, or Trekkers Tavern Cottages. Mid-range travellers can also book with Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, Rushanga Gorilla Lodge, Gorilla Close-up Lodge, and Gorilla Hills Eco-lodge. The luxury travellers can stay at Four Gorillas Lodge where comfort meets gorillas in the jungle! Also available is the Chameleon Hill Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Gorilla Mist Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Camp, Sliver Back Lodge, or Clouds Lodge. All types of travellers have every reason to give to see the Uganda gorillas as the accommodations are reliable and affordable to all tourists!

  1. New Policies by the Uganda Wildlife Authority!

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has put up new guidelines and policies.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has well trained and knowledgeable rangers that are available to guide the visitors through the activities.

During this covid -19 season, the gorilla permit can be rescheduled up to one week before the tracking date.

Currently, the Uganda tourist visa is 100 USD; hence, making it more affordable for tourists to see the Uganda gorilla.

Suggested items to bring along on your adventure include: Binoculars, a camera, hiking shoes, walking sticks, a rain jacket, and a hat.

  1. You can see the Uganda gorillas all seasons.

You can see the Uganda gorillas all year round! The country has basically two seasons. A dry season (January to February) and wet season (June to September). During the dry season, it may take visitors a longer time to see the gorillas; whereas, during the wet seasons, the gorillas tend to be in the lower slopes making tracking time shorter.

Overall, seeing the Uganda gorillas is an adventure and experience of a lifetime!

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