What to wear on a safari in Uganda?

What to wear on a safari in Uganda is one of the questions to ask yourself when planning for an adventurous safari to “The Pearl of Africa”. Having the proper clothing and putting into consideration respect for culture makes it easier to participate/take part in different activities with less discomfort. The colour of the clothes also matters. Colours such as green, khaki, beige, and brown are recommended as they blend with nature and do not easily show dirt while on a safari. Avoid wearing bright colours such as white, and orange in order not to distract the animals.

What to wear on a safari in Uganda

What to wear on a safari in Uganda

Uganda has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. It experiences heavy rainfall across all the seasons in the year especially in the rainforests even in the dry season. so whichever time you choose to travel, warm clothing and waterproof clothes are a must-pack.

During the dry season, protection from the sun’s rays requires one to have sunscreen, a hat and lightweight clothing including a long-sleeved shirt and light synthetic safari trousers are recommended because they aid flexibility in movement. Dresses and skirts can also be carried along and may most likely be worn while relaxing at the lodge/camp in the evening time after returning from the day’s activities.

A fine pair of light walking shoes is appropriate when preparing for a safari as these will support and enable you to take on comfortable strolls exploring local communities and engaging in different activities. For the sake of gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and hiking, the packing list should not leave out hiking, waterproof jungle boots. These are essential and perfect for the muddy, rocky and slippery trails within the forests. The boots also come in handy with gaiters which provide extra protection against insects, and bugs from climbing up into your shoes and trousers as you hike.

Please note: While packing what to wear on a safari in Uganda, it is advisable to have with you clothes that can be worn in numerous ways.