Rules and regulations of gorilla tracking

Gorilla tracking rules and regulations should be well complied to in order to have a successful mountain gorilla tracking safari.

Before setting out for gorilla tracking

Make sure you have with you the gorilla tracking permit and the receipts

If you have a cold or an infectious disease, you are not allowed to visit the gorillas.

Only persons 15 years and above are allowed to participate in mountain gorilla tracking.

Human waste should be buried 30cm (12”) deep.

Only eight people are allowed to visit a gorilla group per day.

Mommy and Baby Gorilla Volcanoes National Park

mountain gorillas

When you are with the gorillas/ In the presence of the mountain gorillas

Maintain a distance of 7m from the mountain gorillas while in their presence.

While tracking the mountain gorillas, eating, drinking and smoking is not allowed.

In the moment when you want to sneeze or cough, make sure to turn away from the mountain gorillas or cover your face as human diseases can easily be transmitted to the mountain gorillas.

When you encounter the mountain gorillas, you are limited to one hour watching them go about their daily life.

Do not use flash photography while capturing moments with the mountain gorillas.

Do not litter the forest/jungle as you participate in the gorilla tracking activity.

Do not pick flowers or destroy any vegetation.

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