Uganda wildlife education centre “the zoo” Entebbe

Tired with a search for wildlife in the game parks? Well Just visit Uganda wildlife education centre and grab a chance to see several of these wild animals with ease.

Best abbreviated as UWEC, is one fun filled, exciting destinations that is close enough to Kampala city located in Entebbe town at the margins of the gigantic Lake Victoria.

Whether all you want is just viewing wild animals or learning about them in details on aspects like how they eat, talk and play, UWEC/zoo is an ideal place to go.

You can arrange a safari with the help of Jewel safaris and we draft the itinerary. This favours the short time travelers too since it’s near the exit point the Entebbe international airport.


The Uganda Wildlife Education Center is found at the shores of the famous Lake Victoria. UWEC is featured with a rich vegetation cover, over 120 species of birds including the Great Blue Turaco, Giant Kingfishers, Shoe-bill Stork, Hammerkops and African fish eagle and other.

Attractions at the Zoo Entebbe.

The numerous butterflies species, the wild animals that include: lions, leopards, serval, Jackson’s Hartebeest, elephants, Buffaloes, Giraffes among others and Primates such as the Black and white colobus monkeys, the Chimpanzees, Olive Baboons, the Patas Monkey among others.

The Reptiles like the Egyptian Cobra, Nile Crocodile, Gabon Viper, African rock python and Mash terrapin.

Wow! What a rich wildlife destination and this has undeniably made UWEC a darling for short safaris and one day excursions for both Ugandan and foreigners. Do you feel like visiting Uganda wildlife education centre too? You are just a step away from contacting Jewel safaris.

There is an interesting bit of visiting Uganda wildlife education center that is if you are a primates’ lover, your visit to Uganda wildlife education center gives you an opportunity to get very close to the chimpanzees.

This comes along with a wider range of experiences including; sitting next to chimpanzees looking at each other and shake hands. In fact it is a complete man meeting a fellow man still undergoing transformation!

However, remember this is subject to thorough health checks. Attend to a themed interpretation by the care givers and encounter chimps peeling a banana, holding a cup or request for more food. It is exciting!

Uganda wildlife education centre that has gone through transitions of identities like the zoo, UWEC had its formation initiated in 1952 by the colonial government under the British.

This was purposely formed to act as a reception center for the injured, orphaned, and sick and the rescued animals however, apparently it is even the habituation site for the wildlife species.

Uganda wildlife education center.

 For many that visited this destinations years before it was renamed UWEC, they still know it as the zoo the name it attained in 1960. It can be noted that during that period, the zoo included the non-native Species such as tigers and bears which were kept just as attractions to be encountered on safari. In the year 1994, the UWEC Trust came into existence and took over the zoo with the aim of Conservation education.

In the 2 hours of the visit tour to Uganda wildlife education centre, the extra ordinary Behind the Scenes of the Tour involving an educational and yet entertaining adventure is indescribable.

During this time, you will have a closer encounter with the animals like the elephants, lions among other wild game.

The forest walk which is a 1km trail traversing the pristine forest Viewing free range birds, butterflies, the mammals along with chameleons thriving in their natural habitats. Explore a range of plants and their medicinal value.

This is the best point for starting or ending your East African or Ugandan safari in the pearl of Africa. After having a thrilling experience during your encounter with the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park, this is the best place to end your safari.

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While here,you may see the could be missed to see wild animals, birds during your game drives, boat cruises, nature walks and others. going to game parks like  Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park and so many does not guarantee seeing al the wildlife species they have.

If you choose to visit Uganda wildlife education centre, be expectant to see most of the wildlife species you expected to see but were not spotted. These species include the lions, leopards, elephants, ostriches, chimpanzees in case you did not track them.

Uganda wildlife education centre is open for travellers of all ages ranging from children to adults with VIP section for those travelers that need an extra activity like breeding these animals, they will pay an additional charged fee to guarantee them to use the VIP side with much to see.

To void the hardships of going through bookings and interpretations, talk to us at Jewel safaris and we draft an itinerary to navigate you on this Uganda safari.

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