Tips for on Self Drive and Car Hire in Uganda

Uganda is a land filled with wonders and awe-inspiring beauty in all its corners, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular destination and the tourists, favorite holiday pub globally. One of the most popular ways you can immerse yourself in Uganda’s beauty is by driving yourself or being driven by drivers who will efficiently do what you want exactly and you will be enjoying the views seated in the front of the car and even while in the wilderness appreciating the graceful beasts in their natural habitats or rhythmic landscapes against sunset backdrops. Jewel Safaris offers you reliable and efficient car hire services.

Car Hire Car Hire

The public transport system of Uganda is not at all good and reliable. If you want to have a perfect journey in the country, hire a car for rent. It not only gives the freedom of traveling wherever you want but gives an opportunity of having a relaxed and memorable journey and will only achieve by trying car hire in Uganda.

You can have your car booked as soon as you decide you’re itinerary and book your air tickets to Uganda because booking in advance will always help you make a perfect deal but booking on the spot has its rates hiked. So for a cheap deal, book at least a week before traveling. Also, during this time you can have the updates on our website concerning discounts and many others.

Car Hire Car Hire

Car hire rates

The rates on which car hire services are determined by several factors and are usually varying that is; type of the car, period of hiring, and many others which are seriously observed. For instance, the tourists’ vans range from $50 to $300 band this comes without fuel but a car alone. The cars here include land cruisers, super custom, and several others that are maintained so well just for you.

Speed limits for the car hire services

Car Hire Car Hire

Speed restrictions are among the most strictly enforced road rules, and for a good reason. More than 40% of road accidents in Uganda stem from a driver over speeding and it would be more than unfortunate if you were to become part of this statistic. Consequently, we advise you to watch for speed limit signs along the highways and other major roads in the country and be safe from the penalties attached to these speed restrictions in case you’re caught in the wrong.

Traffic Police

Uganda’s road users are fully controlled and guided by the Traffic force which is a government agency and an arm in the Uganda police force mandated to ensure proper road use and help road users in general, yourself included and they are usually in white uniforms easily spotted along major highways or city suburbs. So, in case something happens while you are on the road, do not hesitate to find the nearest police officer in a white uniform. In the same manner, do not be alarmed if stopped by traffic police for they are just doing their job of ensuring road user’s safety. Even when you have been stopped for overspeeding or other road offenses, do not attempt to bribe the police as this will only worsen your situation.

Keep left

As stated earlier, driving in every country is basically the same in every country with meager differences such as which side of the road to drive on. In Uganda’s case, all drivers are mandated to drive on the left-hand side of the road. In case you are not accustomed to this manner of driving or find it difficult, you are advised to hire a driver from one of the many car rentals in Uganda just to be on the safe side. Hiring a car with a driver-guide from the same will be cheaper than hiring a car and driver separately.


If you don’t know where awesomely adventurous in Uganda you can go and yet you are doing self-drive and trying to rely on google directions, we advise you to take our driver as a guide or drive you to some areas that may tend to lead you astray since the roads may tend to elude you to wrong destinations. Self-drives are by their description intimate as it’s usually a family or a couple of friends enjoying each other’s company. Due to this, most of the adventure is mostly visual and the sites visited are normally what’s found on the web (and hard to find sometimes). However, that is not all there is to this marvelous country Uganda, as you hire a car, be sure to get a guidebook that will show you where to find the best of what Uganda has to offer and how to get there.

Regular stops

Your journey should be always so smooth and be as remarkable as its destination. Based on this impression, we would advise you to set off early every day and drive at a moderate speed to absorb as much of Uganda’s beauty as you can through your windscreen and this will also allow you to have regular stops to take pictures or refresh yourself. The main aim of doing this will be to arrive at your destination unfatigued and ready to be awed by the marvels hidden within the Pearl of Africa.

As far as car hire, rentals are concerned, has got your specifications just fixed for your comfort, safety, enjoyments, and relaxation while on any safari in the Uganda adventurous safari. For any of your car hire, rentals demands, kindly inbox us at via we are always ready to do the best service to beautify your stay at the pearl of Africa. Also be alert always while driving and wholly concentrate on the road in addition, mostly avoid drink and drive because once you are got or tested positive by traffic police equipment, you are punishable by law for road misuse.

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