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Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa

Things to Know Before Traveling to East Africa : East Africa is not a single country but rather made up of several countries that include Uganda, RwandaKenyaTanzania and others.  With its picture-perfect beaches, impressive cities, and diverse wildlife, East Africa is an ideal destination for vacations. The region provides some of the best cuisine, art, and culture on the continent.

East Africa, is a stunning region.

Home to one of the most attractive sites like Sipi falls, Ngorongoro crater, Mount Kenya, Mountains of the Moon, the source of the Nile River, the beautiful Lake Kivu, the scenic Lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi, and several others. East Africa is the best place for getting lifetime memorable experiences from visiting several attractions characterized by beautiful views. Jewel Safaris is to take on this trip memorable experience in East Africa. 

A region with hidden gems

A lot of tourists get to the region with the intention of doing only the most popular activities. For a better travel experience, get off the usual tourist track and engage in the most exciting activities such as; trekking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, doing a Big 5 safari in the Serengeti or Maasai Mara in Tanzania and Kenya, sunbathing on the beaches of Zanzibar, kayaking on the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, swimming with whales on Mafia Island in Tanzania, and exploring the ancient streets of Lamu in Kenya.

The cities of East Africa.

East Africa is famously known for the best safaris experiences but there is more to more in the cities and some of these include; the hilly city of Kigali, the peaceful Nairobi, the busy Dar es Salaam and the nightlife city of Kampala best known for the best art, culture, food, music and the most hospitable people.

Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa

Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa : Photography in east Africa

East Africa offers great opportunities to capture beautiful photographic moments while on wildlife safaris, community walks, city tours, nature walks. All these activities present to you magnificent scenery and breathtaking landscape. Contact for a photographic safari in East Africa.

Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa : East Africa is not a country

East Africa is a region made up of several countries and these include; Rwanda, Uganda|Tanzania, Burundi, South Sudan, and Kenya. All these differ in different aspects such as; history, traditions, languages, size, and many other features. 

Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa : Home to great culinary choices

East Africa is a destination to mouthwatering meals and some of the most popular include; Rolex, luwombo, katogo, gonja, matooke (plantain smashes), sweet potatoes, sukuma, yams, ugali and several others. 

The region also avails other best known dishes like   Arabic, Indian, British, Chinese, Belgian, French, German and several others. You can get to taste all these foods once you enter a good restaurant in this region. However, value the health and hygiene of the   restaurant. 

Things to Know before Traveling to East Africa : Shopping

Go shopping in east Africa with the best and knowledgeable tour guides of Jewel Safaris Limited.  Some of the best place to do shopping are the African handmade craft shops, get an opportunity to purchase souvenirs like; handcrafted leather bags, intricate jewelry, and woven baskets. Make sure to check out k’amahoro peace baskets and paintings in Tanzania, crafts market in Uganda, wooden crafts in Burundi, and brass jewelry in Kenya. 

The East African region is a home to the most exciting activities, attractions, services, and facilities and culinary. Be guaranteed to have the best experiences and memories, send us an inquiry via

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