Sport Fishing in Uganda

Sport fishing in Uganda is one of the best life experiences that visitors can enjoy while on their African safari. Sport fishing is a water sport in which anglers compete among themselves to catch a variety of fish species that they target. Sport fishing can also be called recreation fishing since the primary purpose is to meet nutritional needs but not be sold or for exporting. A person who fishes with a hook as a hobby is called an angler. Uganda is one of the best sport fishing destinations in Africa and Uganda can’t betray its visitors since we have numerous fishing spots such as rivers, lakes, and swamps.

Fishing Safaris in Uganda

Fishing Safaris in Uganda

There are many species of fish such as Nile perch, tilapia, and catfish which can be sustained by the country’s good climate which gives a good breeding environment. Uganda is excellently one of the exceptional sport fishing destinations in Africa with remarkable water bodies distributed in different parts of the country mostly in the western and eastern arms of the Greatest rift valley, Uganda is occupied by freshwater bodies like lake Victoria the country’s and Africa’s largest lake and the 2nd largest freshwater body in the world, lake Kyoga, lake George, lake Mburo, lake Bunyonyi and lake Edward. Rivers include the mighty River Nile which is the longest in the whole world, River Katonga, River Kafu, and River Rwizi. Uganda’s water bodies have about 350 fish species such as Nile perch, Nile tilapia, Catfish, Clarias, Tigerfish Sardine, and lungfish. For sport fishing adventure safaris Nile Perch, Nile tilapia, catfish and lungfish are the most popular due to their size for example a huge Nile perch can grow up to 200kgs large and which makes it easy to catch both during the day and night time.

Where To Go For Sport Fishing In Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park; is one of the many spots where you can do sport fishing, the activity is done along the Victoria Nile both from the shores of the river or at the bottom of the falls. Sport fishing from the shores is the most exciting experience because it involves catching fish along rocky surfaces at the devil Cauldron however the anglers have to take caution of the hippos and Nile crocodiles. Nile perch is the main target specie and for better results, Jewel Safaris will book for you a local professional guide. You will use live bait and cast lures. Visitors have higher opportunities of catching amazing fish species. Sport fishing adventure is an all-year-round activity though there are some exceptional months and these are January, March, July, and October. Sport fishing is done early morning and late in the evening. Sport fishing activity at Murchison Falls National park cost 50USD per day per person and 150 USD for 4 days and all the fees exclude the park entrance fee.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park; is another best spot for sport fishing adventures in Uganda. The park has 5 different small lakes but Lake Mburo is the biggest of all and tends to be chosen for the sport fishing activity. At Mazinga you have the opportunity to do sport fishing while on the tour at Lake Mburo national park. The park also contains 6 different fish species including the Tilapia fish. You can come with your own fishing gear. The fish caught by you is transported to the lodge to be fried or smoked just like the way you want it and you later enjoy it. You should also remember to get a fishing permit that is bought from Uganda Wildlife Authority through different tour operators and you can decide to use Jewel safaris. The sport fishing permit costs 15 USD per day per person and 25USD per person for 4 days. You are also advised to carry some extra dollars to tip your tour guide after the activity as a sign of appreciation for the good work done though tipping is not compulsory. When coming for sport fishing you need to carry meat that acts as bait to catch the fish, you need to carry both small and large hooks, sun lotion, insect repellent, and big rods for catfish fishing. Sport fishing can be done all year round though the best moment would be the dry season in the months of December to February and also from June to early September.

Sipi Falls;

Sipi Falls; also is a good spot for sport fishing. It lies on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the Eastern region of Uganda in the Kapchorwa district, Sipi falls is the most beautiful triple waterfall in Uganda. When you want to carry out sport fishing in Sipi falls you have to carry your own fishing gear however when planning a trip with Jewel Safaris, your fishing gear will be organized for you the moment you include Sportfishing on the itinerary. You can fish on the banks of the falls using fish hooks, boobers, fishing rods, and fish baits. The most commonly caught fish at Sipi falls is a rainbow trout fish, this fish species is vibrant and colorful though very hard to catch. The biggest trout fish has 3kgs. You will be guided by a professional local tour guide on the best ways to catch this kind of fish specie and also the best spots in Sipi falls. Permits for sport fishing can be bought from Sipi River lodge. Sport fishing at Sipi falls is a very relaxing and fun activity that makes the holiday enjoyable.

Ssese Islands;

Ssese Islands; offers the sport of fishing activity and is located at the heart of Lake Victoria. This allows you to fish as you explore Africa’s largest lake. Ssese is about 51kilometers from Entebbe and has a cluster of more than 80 small beautiful islands with white sand and fresh waters along the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria. These islands are favorable for a visitor interested in privacy and seclusion. You have a chance to catch fish species like Tilapia, Nile perch, and Lungfish.

Jewel safaris will be glad to plan an itinerary for you and include sport fishing where you will drive and board a ferry from the Bukakata landing site where you can make a stopover at the Uganda Equator to take some pictures than another ferry to transfer you to Luuku site on the other side of Ssese islands. When you like to add Sportalrifishing to your to-do list of travel activities, please contact Jewel Safaris.