Visit Kampala – Things to Do in Kampala Uganda

Kampala is Uganda’s capital city located a few kilometers away from Entebbe International Airport. The city is well known for its 7 hills and its offers a wide range of activities to engage in and several sites to visit including; cultural sites, historical sites, religious sites, recreational sites and several local markets.

After the breakfast at the favorite point either around the city restaurants, the hotel, or place of the previous night stay but whatever the place, make sure that you enjoy the Katogo way of having Uganda early morning breakfast. This is the best to keep you okay full some good hours before lunch would be served. The Katogo could be the offals and matooke, meat or cassava and beans or possibly go for rice and meat, Rolex served with the original spiced black tea or coffee straight from coffee.  And in case you don’t know where to get to this place in Kampala, contact us and we arrange it for you. After breakfast, the city movement begins without destination being to the Ugandan parliament.

Take a stroll to the Parliament of Uganda

One of the arms of the government of Uganda is open and welcomes different visitors at specified hours and days which are usually Tuesday and Thursday from 2 pm until 4 pm where visitors can catch a glimpse of Uganda’s colonial-era parliament building. You may also get an opportunity to explore this historic building, as parliamentary sessions are open to the public.

Crafts Village at the National Theater

Arts and Crafts

Located just opposite Parliament is the Uganda cultural center building popularly known as the National Theater. This is where cultural arts are exhibited. It is also one of the best places for purchasing crafts in Uganda and entertainment on cultural and traditional arts.  

The National Theater is also home to the Crafts Village, a crafts market with a variety of merchandise and souvenirs ranging from sandals, handbags, shawls, hammocks, paintings, prints, woodwork, metalwork, postcards, and more.

Get the Ugandan dish for lunch

When lunchtime reaches, no matter where you are when at the city but their best dishes are so yummy. The restaurants serving these dishes are spread all over the city with the main dishes always being rice, matooke(banana either smashed or not smashed), sweet potatoes, and others with very common sauces being chicken Luwombo, meat Luwombo, fish Luwombo, and several others. However, we recommend that you observe the best essentials in areas to have tour lunch from because some restaurants do not observe standard cleanliness. Jewel Safaris LTD and we help you with guiding.

Go back in time at the Uganda Museum

Uganda Museum

The Uganda museum preserves the history and cultural heritage of the country. Displays of artifacts and tools are used for demonstration and these include, traditional music instruments, archeological remains and so many others.

Visit Africa’s only Baha’i Temple

Bahai Temple-Kampala City Tour

The only temple of the Bahai faith in Africa. The Bahai temple is situated on Kikaaya hill on the outskirts of Kampala with beautiful scenery and a calm environment perfect for picnics.

Visit the Ndere cultural center.

Ndere Cultural Centre

The Ndere centre is located in Ntinda and here, traditional performances from tribes all over Uganda can be witnessed and you also enjoy local food delicacies.

Owino market

Owino market is the largest covered and busiest market in East Africa and in Kampala. Here the specialty is mainly second hand clothing, shoes and bags but also other items like herbal medicines and food stuffs like rice, posho are sold.

Gadaffi mosque

Gadaffi mosque is the largest mosque in East Africa and the headquarters of the Islamic faith in Uganda. Gadaffi mosque is visited by people from different countries who get a chance to explore the beautiful modern interior, not forgetting to access the minaret for great views of Kampala city.

Namirembe Cathedral

This is the main worship place for Protestants or Anglicans.

Rubaga Cathedral

This is the main worship place for catholics.


Kampala is one city that never rests at all times. Mostly known to many as the city that never sleeps, thus when it comes to party life this city never disappoints with the nightlife places spread all over different parts of the city suburbs like Wave lounge at Kololo, H2O at Bugolobi, Club amnesia, spacious lounge and several at the city center, silk Royale and club. The place to go for vibrant nightlife. Boasting unique clubs and bars all within walking distance, you’re sure to be entertained all through the night.  We Jewel Safaris LTD are ready to be with you all the way as you explore the no slumber city of Uganda.

We at Jewel Safaris LTD are ready to arrange and plan for your trip just as you wish to have it done. The main thing is o make you realize the thrilling excitement around the city of Uganda. Jewel Safaris is here to see you joyous at all sites visited, just contact us for any inquiry and booking and we have the rest fixed.

Night life

Kampala is one city that never rests at all times and mostly referred to as the city that never sleeps. When it comes to night life this city never disappoints with several night clubs available in different parts of the city. 

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