Solo Travel in Uganda

Solo travel in Uganda is one of the most fulfilling travel styles to traverse The Pearl of Africa. It can be intimidating but it is a great way to appreciate one’s company and also make new friends. Embrace a solo safari and cherish the beauty of the countryside with every bit of the safari tailored to your interests. Complete freedom to engage in the exact activities of your choice.

Uganda has a variety of activities suitable for all kinds of travelers, combining wildlife viewing (big five), face-to-face encounters with the famous mountain gorillas, and the incredible chimpanzees, not forgetting the spectacular sights of several bird species and cultural encounters.

solo travelers tours in Uganda

solo travelers tours in Uganda

Below are some tips for a successful solo travel in Uganda.

Do research. As you plan your solo safari, take some time to analyze, consider and consult with your tour operator about what you want your safari to be like. Share and be specific about your different interests in order to have a well-curated safari plan. Uganda is a country with a diversity of attractions, be sure not to miss out on the most exciting and interesting activities such as gorilla tracking and wildlife experiences in the different national parks.

Learn some common local phrases. Since traveling solo draws a little more attention, especially in rural areas, you should have an open mind and be flexible enough to learn how to start a conversation, greetings, how to say thank you, how to say NO, and how to introduce yourself. All these can be of great help when required in a certain situation

Be aware of safety precautions/concerns. Traveling in Uganda is safe but it is also necessary that you keep your documents safe so as to avoid being stranded. Back up photos of your passport, VISA, and any other important documents on your email. Take care while out for nightlife by watching your drinks, and watch out for your valuable items like jewelry (you may leave them in the hotel room possibly).

Clothing. Dress appropriately, especially in rural areas where people are conservative. On your pack list, do not leave out essential items such as both light and warm clothes since the weather in Uganda is unpredictable, hiking boots for easy navigation of the rainforests and the savannah parks, sunscreen, insect repellent, and any medication that may be of help during the safari as advised by your doctor.

Handle your cash with caution. Do not move with a large amount of money. Make sure to have on you local currency at all times. Forex outlets are available in busy cities, so therefore you should exchange the foreign currency before setting out for the safari to the rural areas.

Photography. Appreciate, snap and take scenic shots of every moment and little details of the different visited destinations including wildlife, sunsets on an evening game drive and so much more. Pictures are an excellent way to take a trip down memory lane after your solo travel experience.

Local cuisines in Uganda. Visit a local restaurant and this can in the company of your guide.and Look up great local food delicacies, ask for recommendations from your guide. Dining at a local restaurant allows you to save but keep in mind to dine at a well-kept restaurant with good hygiene.

While on a solo safari, you may decide to join a group of other travelers to engage in certain activities.