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Serengeti National Park Activities

Serengeti National Park Activities

Serengeti National Park is located in the Mara and Simiyu regions of Tanzania. It has an area cover of 14,763 square kilometers. Serengeti national park is prominently known worldwide for the park that hosts the massive wildebeest migration annually.

In 1930 it was established as a game reserve where sport hunting was allowed until 1937. The National park itself was established later in 1951. Tourists come to Serengeti National Park to witness millions of migrating wildebeests, gazelles, and zebras as this can’t be watched anywhere else. These animals move in search of fresh water and pasture.

Activities in Serengeti National Park

Game drive.

 This can be a morning or night game drive. Game drives are popular because they enable tourists to spot animals in the park especially at the crack of dawn. Serengeti national park has the largest lion population in Africa and is therefore considered a Lion Conservation Unit. A pride of lions can be spotted at the Moru Kopjes rocks stretching while on a game drive and this is one sight that cannot be missed. Leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, and wild dogs can also be spotted.

Hot air balloon safari

hot air balloon Serengeti Safari
hot air balloon Serengeti Safari

This is an adventure that is highly recommended because tourists get a perfect aerial view of the park and the wild animals.

Nature walks

These allow you to do some bird watching and magnificent photography. Here are some of the bird species that can be spotted. Grey-headed Sparrow, Red-backed scrub, Variable Sunbird, Ostrich, White-crowned Shrike, vultures, and many more others. Tourists also get an opportunity to watch the hippos at the Retina Hippo Pool on foot.

A visit to the “Cradle of Man” Olduvai Gorge.

 A fascinating archaeological site where the first human remains were discovered. Several other tools and fossils have been uncovered and can all be seen in the museum at Olduvai Gorge.

Exploring the Masaai community

Serengeti National Park is a home for indigenous tribes like the Masaai pastoralists. They are easygoing and welcoming people who have protected their culture for a long time. A visit to their community gives you a feel of their culture which includes traditional dance, traditional food, and some of the traditional beliefs.

A bush dinner 

A bush dinner in the wilderness is one not to miss on a visit to Serengeti National Park. A delectable meal under the stars.

Camping in the Serengeti close to wild game is a thrilling experience and mostly exciting if it’s a group traveling together.

Other sites that can be visited include; the Bologonja Springs, a visit to the Lobo valley, and also a visit to Ngorongoro crater.

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