Sempaya Hot Springs

The Sempaya hot springs are located in Semuliki National Park a few kilometers away from the city of Fortportal in Bundibugyo district in western Uganda. Sempaya hot springs are the most popular and have both the male and female hot springs each with its own unique characteristics. On a tour to Fortportal or Kibale National Park, you should consider a visit to the hot springs as they are one of the key activities to take on.

Sempaya Hot Springs

Sempaya Hot Springs

What to do at the Sempaya hot springs?

Nature walks.

On arrival at the park, you will receive a briefing from the ranger guides before heading out into the forest. The forest walk gives you an opportunity to transverse the forest paths with a close nature encounter. You will catch sight of several primate species including baboons, grey-cheeked mangabey and the black and white colobus monkeys.

Bird watching.

Semuliki being a top birding destination in Uganda. You will come across a great number of bird species while walking through the forest including the following; grant’s bluebill, Ross’s turaco, Yellow – throated nicator and many others. Other bird species may be spotted around the female and male hot springs.

The hot springs

The male and female hot springs are locally well known as Bitente and Nyasimbe respectively. The names originate from a story of a man and woman (married couple) that mysteriously disappeared in the forest. It is believed that

Sempaya Hot Springs

Sempaya Hot Springs

the man disappeared first when he had gone for hunting. When the wife decided to go searching for the husband, she disappeared too. And it is at these disappearing spots that the male and female hot springs emerged.

The locals believe that their ancestors reside beneath the hot springs and therefore offer sacrifices and conduct traditional ceremonies at the hot springs. The area surrounding the hot springs has exceptional scenery that supplements the whole visit to the hot springs.

The frequently done activity at the hot springs is cooking food stuffs such as eggs, Irish, cassava and matooke. This is made possible by the high water temperatures that boil up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Visiting the hot springs on a Uganda safari is a remarkable adventure as it encompasses several wildlife experiences.