How much does Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Cost?

Rwanda Trekking Gorilla involves several unavoidable costs regulated by the Rwanda tourism governing body (RDB). The most costly items in the trekking include permits, transport, accommodation, meals, and tips, however, the costs vary according to specific times and destinations. Entirely visitors make reservations in proper and recommended procedure to avoid inconveniences.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Trekking gorillas in Rwanda is costly however, the most costly item in the gorilla tracking process is permitted. In every country especially Rwanda, the permit is greatly regulated and focused on for the governing body Rwanda development board [RDB] manages human gorilla interactions.

Like other African countries, to trek gorillas, the availability of gorilla trekking permits is insubstantial by the number of habituated gorilla families and number of visitors permitted per family. To avoid encroachers, the issuing authority [Rwanda development board] always prints permits with distinctive serial numbers per permit including all traveler’s personal information.  

To prepare your safari well, kindly take note that under the permit regulations, In Rwanda the permit fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable only excluding medical excuses and you only dispense your passport when you booking the permit.

On your trip to trek gorillas, you meet tour operators who will design a drive guide for the duration of the tour. At the airport, the driver will welcome you at the airport, take you to the lodge, and after a company’s you to the gorilla tracking safari. 

At times the majority of visitors extend safaris several days afterward with the interchangeable vehicle and drive. Gorilla tracking always kicks off early in the morning, meaning you are advised to book the accommodation near the national park you selected for you to be able to see gorillas in time. Therefore, you requested to arrive a day before you track gorillas and then take another night at the lodge. Most of the lodges are self-sufficiently owned and controlled by local owners and some are commercially-run others support local projects.

Accommodation Costs in Rwanda


35 – 50 $ per person, per night however based on sharing approximately.


85 – 250 $ per person, per night depending on sharing approximately.


 320 – 3000 $ per person, per night however based on Two sharing approximately.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Cost Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris tours

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking is approximately a two-hour drive from the Kigali capital to the gorilla trekking regions making it easier and accessible than any other place in the region. It is very attainable to carry out a one-day gorilla trek in Rwanda for approximately 1,700 $ per person. Two days can cost approximately 1,900£ and the three days luxury gorilla tour can cost approximately 2,000$ – 5,000$ per person.

This includes;

  • Gorilla permit
  • Comfortable private transport
  • English speaking guide
  • Meals
  • Charter plane or helicopter depending on your choice 

The Gorilla Trekking permit in Rwanda can cost about 1,500$, however, this was reduced in the covid time to 5,00$ by the Rwanda development board. According to the guidelines by RDB, they allow only 8 visitors maximum per group, and 80 permits are issued a day. meaning you can also able to acquire a permit up to two years in advance.

Uganda Gorilla Tracking Permit Costs Compared to Rwanda

Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, you have to acquire the tracking permit first which is advertised at a cost of 700$ per person, however, the regulatory tourism body of Uganda, the Uganda wildlife authority [UWA] has recently reduced the rates to 500 $ during the covid time.

Availability: You can trek gorillas in 19 total habituated gorilla families over the country. In regards to Uganda gorilla permit-issuing regulations, only six visitors are allowed per group with 114 total permits issued per day in Uganda and permits can be purchased two years in advance strictly from UWA.

Accommodations: In relation to Rwanda, Uganda has more budget and mid-range affordable accommodation choices however, Rwanda is more of luxury excellent lodges compared to Uganda as seen below;

  • Budget – [50 – 70 $] per person per night depending on sharing
  • Mid-range – [80 – 120$] per person per night depending on sharing
  • Luxury – [300 – 3000 $] per person per night depending on sharing

The three days cheapest gorilla trekking in Uganda will cost about 1,200$ per person including;

  • One gorilla tracking permit
  • Private transport
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodations and meals.

In Uganda, a three-day luxury gorilla trip can cost about 3000$per per person including flights to any smallest airstrip and a half drive from the gorilla tracking place.

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