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With a few sites offering the opportunity to see and experience the pre-historic in Uganda, Nyero Rock Paintings in Kumi district is amongst the few places in Uganda where you can learn about the pre-historic events.

Located in the Eastern part of the capital of Uganda in Kumi district; Nyero village with about 5 hours of road drive. Nyero Rock Paintings are three different rocks that were uniquely and beautifully designed by the early inhabitants of this place. These rocks have paintings and some of the appearances of the designed structures are in the shape of a sun, crocodile and so many others and they all have their meanings embedded in them.

Rock arts on different rocks.

Nyero 1 lies just below the main site. The few designs that were included are; the sun, crocodiles, the ladder-like structures that all had several meanings.

Crocodile-like structures tell the biggest threat to this community because they used to kill people who had gone fishing, killed their animals or cattle, goats, sheep and it always worried them and so they decided to draw its structure there to tell the future generations of how dangerous and how of a threat this reptile was to them.

Nyero Rock Painting - Crocodile-like structures

Nyero Rock Painting – Crocodile-like structures

On the other hand, the sun represented the god they used to talk to in prayer and they believed that their prayers were answered by this god.

Nyero 2 has a big white wall covered in groups of red circles, boats, and some indefinite human and animal forms. With no clear sign of these paintings, many archaeologists are yet to justify their meaning.

Nyero 3. Here, it’s hard to identify and notice the painting’s design unless a guide helps you to see and identify it. It is a few meters north of the headquarters and it is the first point.

These are the most protected historical rock art site in Uganda and the whole of East Africa thus awarded the prehistoric value to Uganda and Africa at large. UNESCO named as three-tiered rock shelters with primitive paintings on their inner surfaces.

There are similar rock paintings such as; Mukongoro which is also located in Kumi, Dolwe Island on Lake Victoria in Namayingo district, Komuge in Bukedea district, Kapiri, and Kakoro in Pallisa district.

 Activities here include.

  • Hiking
  • Nature walks
  • Traditional entertainment by Itesots culture.
  • Photography
  • And so many others.

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