Track Buhoma Gorilla Families

Mubare gorilla family is the oldest and first gorilla family to be habituated and tracked in the whole of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Uganda. Found in the northern part of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mubare gorilla family underwent the habituation process for two years, from 1991 to 1993 when it was declared free and ready to be tracked having successfully gone through all tests.

mubare gorilla family

mubare gorilla family

At the time of habituation, Mubare group also known by names like M group had 12 members. The dominant silver-back of that time was Ruhondeza who died in 2012 and his remains we buried just at the park headquarters in Buhoma.

The M group or Mubare gorilla group is named after the Mubare hills from which they were first sighted. It was opened up for tourists on 15th October 1991 and around 1996, the family members in this group had increased to18. The group officially received its first group of tourists on 13th October 1993.

Ruhondozo-the then dominant silverback was the founding leader of the Mubare gorilla group who mysteriously died in 2012. After his death, Kanyonyi -his eldest son took over leadership in the family. He led this family until his death, following a fight with a solitary silverback called Maraya. Upon his death, silverback Maraya took over leadership in the family. Apparently, the M gorilla group consists of 12 members that are led by the dominant Silverback called Maraya.

The 12 members include: 6 adult females, 1 teenage gorilla and three infants. Ruhondeza was ready to fight and kill any rival or enemy that came to threaten either his leadership or to harm any of his family members.

Ruhondeza did not only fight off his rivals from other gorilla groups for his family’s pride but also fought off and killed young males (Infanticide) who would seemingly threaten his position of leading the group.

Mubare gorilla family Bwindi impenetrable National Park.

Despite the love and desire to retain his leadership title, age was catching up with him yet the attacks were still coming so strongly. In March of 2012, Mubare suffered an attack from a wild in-habituated male gorilla which foresaw Ruhondeza out of the family because he was too old to fight for it. After the fight, Ruhondozo sought refuge in the nearby Rubona village. People in this village loved, took good care and protected him until his death.

Ruhondeza was buried near the park headquarters in Buhoma. After the fight, the group was torn apart resulting into the disappearance of some family members for example an adult female called “Bukumu” and 2 black-backs and up to date are nowhere to be seen, this only left the group with only five members.

mubare gorilla family

mubare gorilla family

However, during Ruhondeza’s leadership in the Mubare group, he was so protective, caring and jealous in a way that he couldn’t let anything happen to any of his family members.

Apparently, the reigning leadership of Maraya silverback has tried to restore the pride of this group and an increase in the group members has been registered through attacking other Gorilla groups.

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For the kind of reputation and leader he was, the Ruhondeza silverback was given befitting and decent burial by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. His remains lie at the park headquarters and the park officials are planning on constructing a monument on his grave yard for remembrance. For all travellers that happen to trek Mubare gorilla family, they can be taken to where the founding leader Ruhondeza was laid to rest.

Gorilla tracking permit price to track M group.

This particular group always roams around the park headquarters and this is where it can easily be trekked. We can assist you in making bookings for the permits and reserve the accommodation in time.

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