Mountain gorilla feeding habits

Most of you wonder what mountain gorillas feed on to survive in the wild. In this article we elaborate more on the feeding habits of mountain gorillas and their different feeding patterns and habits.

Mountain gorilla feeding habits

Mountain gorilla feeding habits

What do mountain gorillas eat?

These gentle giants are herbivores (vegetarian diet), feeding mainly on stems, leaves, bamboo shoots, fruits, bark and also on termites and ants to supplement their diet. The diet of the mountain gorillas depends on the presence /absence of certain plants in their habitat. Observe mountain gorillas feeding while on a gorilla safari in Uganda.

What do baby gorillas eat?

Baby gorillas mostly feed on their mother’s breast milk and as they grow, they start to feed on small quantities of insects.

How do mountain gorillas get their food?

Mountain gorillas get up early in the morning and spend most of their day searching for food. Each family group obtains a designated zone for feeding and they do not over feed in one area before they move on to another. Trespassing to another group’s zone is rare and can lead to group fights.

Mountain gorillas use their sense of smell and sight to identify food but also use their strength to break down the plants in order to pick and eat what they are interested in.

How much do mountain gorillas eat per day?

Mountain gorillas feed on large quantities of food to generate energy. An adult male gorilla (a silverback) can eat up to 30 kg per day and an adult female gorilla can eat up to 18 kg per day.

Do mountain gorillas drink water?

Mountain gorillas do not directly take water as such but they feed on succulent vegetation which contains enough water.

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