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Mombasa Carnival-Kenya’s mega street party

Mombasa Carnival

Mombasa carnival gave Mombasa a new identity from the old one. This port has been known to many as a silent trading port. 

Apparently, every November of each year, the Mombasa carnival -Kenya’s mega engaging festival and the face of the port welcomes and attracts the party addicts, foodaholics, ardent costumes lovers, and good dances. The senior artists converge to share a good time here every year. Gone are days when Mombasa used to be war-filled between the Arabs and the Portuguese.

History of Mombasa as a port.

Historically, this is a far known place for greet and talk either peacefully or through blood and iron for most of the different races that penetrated East Africa through this port.

Mombasa Carnival
Mombasa Carnival

This all is history and Mombasa now is one of the peaceful, tradings, and preferred destinations for holidays in East Africa evident by dozens of beaches, festivals, and a lot of businesses to venture in.

Happening on Moi Avenue of Mombasa Kenya yearly in the month of November is an action-packed memory-enriching Mombasa carnival.  An event that brings different races in large numbers inclusive of Arabs, Africans, Arabs, Europeans and so any others.

Mombasa to date is best known as the trading hub attracting vast numbers of people that flood the streets in enchantment and joy. This is the biggest engaging and attended a mega street party in Mombasa. Mombasa carnival cranks up the multicultural energy that normally pulses through Kenya’s second city.

Despite being the largest coastal port in East Africa, Mombasa popularly has been a stop-over for traders since the 12th century. It welcomed ships from as far as the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula and changed hands among the Arab-Swahilis, Portuguese, Omanis, and Brits.

About the Carnival.

Today, the Swahili Centre’s stew of sights, sounds, and smells reflect both sub-Saharan and Arabic influences.

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