One of the remarkably protected reserves for securing the unique wildlife species from extinction. Located in the beautifully angulating plains of Moroto district in the North eastern part of Uganda in the Karamoja region. Adjacent to the Mount Elgon in the north, Matheniko Wildlife Reserve.  Matheniko Wildlife reserve covers an area of 1520 square kilometers/590 square miles and is under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Matheniko Wildlife Reserve in North Eastern Uganda in the Karamoja sub region conservation area apparently is the 5th most threatened wildlife conservation protected areas in Uganda. It is part of a stretch of protected areas that connects from as far as Kidepo Valley National Park through Bokora and Pian Upe wildlife reserves. To the North East of Matheniko is the border between Uganda and Kenya.

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

Ostrich in the wildlife reserve

Matheniko Wildlife Reserve

Serval cat in the wildlife reserve

Matheniko wildlife reserve is the home to the best of the rarely seen wildlife species. The wildlife species include: Oribi, Jackals, spotted hyenas, Leopards, civets, serval cats and wild cats. A few primates including Olive baboons, vervet monkeys, and patas monkeys. Other animals are: the Cape buffalo, eland, roan antelope, dik-dik, mountain reedbuck, waterbuck, and Uganda kob, ostriches, lesser Kudu, Bright’s gazelle, roan antelope and many are all found in Matheniko Wildlife Reserve only. Bird species you should anticipate to see here are: Hartlaub’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, and Lemon Dove, Dusky Turtle Dove, African Hill Babbler, Alpine Chat, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Thick-billed Honey guide and Grey Cuckoo-Shrike.  Matheniko Wildlife Reserve is also the home for reptiles and it being the habitat for enormous reptile species numbers, open eyes well to see the likes of: rock pythons, smaller puff adders and harmless water snakes. The Savannah monitors are the biggest lizards present in Pian Upe. Agama lizards, skinks, geckos and chameleons are also a common sight. Rock paintings found at various sites within the Matheniko Wildlife Reserve that are believed to date back over 3000 years and were created by the Kushite and Nilotic peoples.

Matheniko Wildlife reserve

Leopard relaxing in the wild

Despite the reserve being situated in the remote location, the vegetation is appealing and Uganda Wildlife Authority has recently dived its interests and put more efforts to developing the infrastructures in this wildlife reserves. Roads have been worked on. This supportive tourism infrastructure is wholly intended to ease the access and reach to every area of these wildlife reserve. Plans are under way to put up accommodation facilities and improve the tracks within the wildlife reserve. We at Jewel safaris are ready to take you through the North east of Uganda on your Uganda safari to the Matheniko game safari. We are wholly excited and waited to attend to your inquiry and questions. Ask us at Jewel safaris and we get the response instantly.