Lake Bunyonyi – Uganda Safari Guide

Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda and the 2nd deepest in Africa with several islands. It is situated in southwestern Uganda between Kabale and Kisoro. Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by the Kigezi’s beautiful highlands and breathtaking scenery also known as the “Switzerland of Africa”. Lake Bunyonyi is translated as a “place of little birds”



A visit to Lake Bunyonyi can be an addition to your itinerary to be done after the gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi or Mgahinga. A great place to chill out after strenuous activity.

Attractions/ what to see at Lake Bunyonyi

The main activity done at Lake Bunyonyi is the dugout canoe ride that is taken around the lake visiting the different several islands with scenic views.

The different islands that can be visited include;

Akamine Island 

This is also known as Punishment Island and is the smallest island. The island is known for its history where unmarried pregnant girls were taken to the island and tied to one tree to die of hunger. 

Kyahungye Island

This is the most exciting Island and is situated near the mainland. On this Island, you are able to see several animals including zebras, waterbucks, impalas, and others with great views of the lake water.

Bwama and Njuyeera Island.

This is the largest island. In the early years Leonard Sharp, a British doctor started up a sanctuary for people with leprosy to be treated without neglect or mistreatment. Some hospital structures are currently used as schools and the island still remains of interest to visitors.

Other islands that can be visited include; Bushara, Bacuranuka island also known as the upside island.

Besides visiting the different islands, you can also engage in several other activities like zip-lining, a visit to the local pygmy communities, bird watching, and swimming since the lake is bilharzia and crocodile free.

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