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Lake Albert – See the true Wilderness.

Positioned at the preferable best spot for capturing unrivaled memories. It’s always so immeasurably undeniable that reaching to the world’s rated lake is so pride pouring! Right?  Lake Albert gives you the love, the true definition of what and where every ardent nature lover must add to their travel list. Undeniably, Lake Albert is a faulted lake that has it all for your best wilderness sightseeing.

The current Lake Albert was called Mwitanzige, Lake Mobutu Sese Seko. It is one of the African Great lakes, the Africa’s seventh largest lake and number twenty in the whole world by volume. It is seated on the Uganda– Democratic Republic of Congo border. The great rankings and ratings of this Lake Albert make it one destination that any passionate natural discoverer should look for to establish why this Lake Albert is too over rated to such positions on the globe.

Lake Albert Lake Albert

On top of Lake Albert itself, there is are other series of attractions surrounding it enriching your sightings with a lot of magnificent moments while on Uganda safari. In the southwest, the Semliki River brings into the lake the waters of Lake Edward, of the Congo Escarpment, and of the rain-soaked Ruwenzori Range, building a large alluvial plain in the process. There is a considerable expanse of lowland at the northern end, where the Victoria Nile enters as a sluggish stream in a swampy delta. Almost immediately the lake narrows into the Albert Nile, through which it supplies water to the White Nile. In the west and east, the lake is bordered by forested cliffs and ravines.

The Albert Lake marks the extreme end of the arm of the western rift valley and it stretches to over 160 km in length, 30 km in width and with a depth of up to 51m and 619m surface elevation above sea level. The Albert Lake is part of the upper Nile complex system drawing most of its waters from the Victoria Nile that rises from the gigantic Victoria Lake in its rising from Edward Lake in its south west.

The Lake Albert attractions speak are too sound that they speak for themselves since they are wildly and worldly popular. What to see here include:

 The swampy vegetation

This is characterized by short swamp grass with stunted trees that are go for photography.  The swampy vegetation is found and can be seen in the southern part where the Semliki River empties itself at.

The Rwenzori Mountains

 Famously called as the mountains of the moon, is the tower in the southern direction. This gives you an opportunity to get nearer to the Rwenzori mountains national park for a mountain climbing experience, cultural tours, birding and other activities that will give you a lot to tell others about Uganda while on your Uganda safari.

The Blue Mountains of Congo.

While in still staring at Mount Rwenzori, there are Blue Mountains of Congo waiting to catch your eyesight too. The Blue Mountains of Congo sit in the north western shore of Lake Albert.

The Lake Albert

Named as Albert is an attraction filled with sparkling water with aquatic life like Nile perch fish and tilapia.  And several other features. The lake is openly comfortable for doping boat cruise as you reach to the distant places from the shores in the 160km length lake.

The area where Lake Albert is located features low population growth with small settlements at Pakwach and Butiaba not forgetting Wanseko.

The history surrounding Lake Albert.

Lake Albert was discovered by Sir Samuel Baker who named it after Prince Albert who was the Consort of Queen Victoria. Despite the changes in the names like the former Congo President Mobutu made an attempt to rename it after himself, the lake has maintained its crown name.

What to do.

There are several activities to do around and in this lake like a boat cruise on it, river Nile, Visit to the Rwenzori Mountains and the whole Rwenzori Mountains national park, cross over to the Blue Mountains of Congo, visiting the Mighty Murchison falls National Park and so many others. This lake is so much surrounded by the most valuable natural and human made attractions. The only thing you need to do mow is tom inquire with us and share that something you have been looking for seemingly yet it’s not sighted and we at Jewel Safaris will wholly come to you and save you from the hustle.  We are ready with your itinerary and package to this lake

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