About Kihingami

Kihingami wetland sanctuary is located adjacent to one of the remarkable game parks in  Uganda. Kihingami wetland is another place to hag around interacting with wildlife after an encounter with the chimpanzees and other primates at the primates capital of  the pearl of Africa “Kibale national park.”

Located 15kilometres east of Fort Portal, just before the Sebitoli section of Kibale National Park.

 Everything about Kihingami wetland.

Kihingami wetland the jewel to the communities around  in Fortportal town. Communities around devoted to preserve Kihingami wetland sanctuary to avoid it being cleared off for tea growing.

You will appreciate their work and efforts once you step here either before or after an encounter with the chimpanzees at the East Africa’s primates’ capital “Kibale national park.”

Kihingami wetland sanctuary is Eco-tourism site set up with the help of Fort Portal’s one prominent tour operator.

It is conserved and preserved as an attractive 13-sq-km valley that otherwise would have been gobbled up by the surrounding tea plantations.

Despite its small size, remarkable 230 bird species have been spotted here, including Jameson’s wattle-eye and white-spotted fluff-tail. There’s also a good chance of seeing red colobus monkeys and spotted-necked otters.

Despite its size, you can still have a half day or even a full day in this wetland yet still you won’t exhaustively get enough of it. Despite its meager size, the wetland is too well endowed.

Activities to do around Kihingami.

The activities to do around Kihingami wetland are so memories filled that you will always reminisce on them. Dive to loving Uganda’s tourism beauty.


Kihingami wetland is home to over 230 sighted bird species that are peculiarly endemic here.

Amongst the many bird species spotted here are the Jameson’s wattle-eye, white-spotted fluff-tail, red bellied paradise-flycatcher, luhder’s bush-shrike, western citril, Holub’s golden weaver, western Nicator and several others.

Even with its meager size, this wetland continues receiving dozens of bird lovers who come to view and update their bird lists from here.

Teas estates walks

Fortportal and Kabarole are generally well known districts for extensively mechanized tea growing that can be seen as you drive entering the Fortportal town and as you head to the Kibale forest national park.

The designs on the tea plantations are so amazing that it makes the trip amazingly so great. While here, let nothing stop you from moving in and lean A-Z explanation on how the tea is planted until consumption stage.

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More activities at Kihingami

Nature walks.

Kihingami wetland is so amazingly preserved to protect it from being advanced to by the tea growers of the region and other settlers.

It is managed by a community thus you can have an opportunity to interact with its natural set up and you get up close to it through nature walks taking you beyond  where the car cannot reach to.

On your nature walks you will go through lush vegetation, spot several weeds, trees species, spot butterflies, and several other attractions embedded on this wetland.

Primates viewing.

Since Kihingami is next to the capital of primates in the whole of East Africa, there are greater and higher chances of you coming in contact with some of them like: red colobus monkey which one of the primates fund in this area.

You can also encounter with the few of the mammals that have home in this wetland. The wetlands here include the spotted-necked otters.

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