Kenya Beach Holiday Destinations

Not only is Kenya popular for its wildlife, but also the beauty of its seaside. The Kenyan coast is irresistible. Kenya is an exceptional beach holiday destination with white sand and azure blue water. In the past years, the undisputed gem of the Kenyan coast was Mombasa and Lamu. However recently, more sister islands have been added to form the Kenyan archipelago. 

Lamu Archipelago

The Lamu archipelago is a series of many islands which lie between the towns of Lamu and Kiunga, near the Coast Province. Of these islands, the largest are Pate, Manda, and Lamu whereas Kiwayu and Manda Toto islands are among the smallest. Lamu in the Northeast of Mombasa is the largest town in the archipelago, most popular, and the perfect example of a historical Swahili city and beach destination in the world. Filled with history, the coastal town of Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Kenya’s oldest and incessantly inhabited settlement founded around 1370 as a Swahili port. The island town is the largest in the archipelago and has since been populated by Europeans, Indians, and Persians thus becoming a hub of culturally diverse interactions.

Lamu Archipelago Kenya

Lamu Archipelago Kenya

Apart from visiting one of the island beaches, other top things to look out for include; strolling the convoluted streets to see a warren of rounded houses, airy courtyards shaded by palm streets, and to learn about the town’s rich history showcased in the impressive architectural features representing the Arabian, European and Indian styles with a Swahili touch. Sightseeing, dhow cruise, and donkey riding are also other activities not to miss.

The Kenya coast archipelago is best accessed by spice boats. There is possibly no more romantic way to move from one destination to the next than this.

Other attractions at the Kenyan coast.

The Colobus trust resembles a jungle playground, overhanging with vines and ropes, all a set-piece and sanctuary for the adorable Angolan Black-and-White Colobus monkey.

Black-and-White Colobus monkey

Black-and-White Colobus monkey

Further south of Diani, Kaya Kinondo is the protected kaya or sacred forest, of the local Digo Mijikenda tribe. The forest once housed the Digo and has been maintained in a virgin state as a center of their religious and communal ceremonies.

Even the geographic nomenclature of the town or area is supremely romantic: it is divided into two halves, Zena (Beauteous) and Saudi (Fortunate), its 28 Mitaa, or districts, bearing such distinctive names as Makadara (Eternal Destiny) and Kivudoni (Smelly Place).

How to get to the Kenyan Archipelago.

The easiest way to get to Lamu is by plane. Flights from Nairobi and Malindi airports arrive in Manda Island. From here, you can cross by boat or dhow through the channel to Lamu. You can also choose to reach Lamu by boat from Mokowe.  

Kenya’s coastal archipelago is desirably ideal for a weekend or short safari. The whole safari to this Kenyan coast can commence once you contact us at Jewel Safaris for an itinerary and quotation.

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