Bomas of Nairobi-Kenya

Bomas of Kenya at their cultural centre leave you with no option but to fall in love with the Kenya cultures exhibited. Let’s go cultural in Nairobi city. This is the home to the continuity of tradition and culture all in one place.

This is a one-stop cultural centre where cultural celebrations happily begin in Kenya. The readiness to celebrate every colour of the magical Kenya Cultures by all tourists is expected by mere arrival at the centre’s premises. Just like the Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala Uganda that gather and exhibit the majority of cultural acts and dances from various cultural ethnicities from all over Uganda, it is the same in the Bomas Harambee of Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya

Rather than moving from one tribe to another across the country, you can now just sit and sip as you get several acts of cultural performances from the different regions exhibited live.

A guide to Bomas Harambee.

The talented artists at Bomas Harambee Cultural Centre perform traditional dances and songs from the country’s various tribal groups. These tribes; Arabic-influenced Swahili taarab music, Kalenjin warrior dances, Embu drumming and Kikuyu circumcision ceremonies.

Of course, there is no other way to relax in the afternoon than being entertained at the centre with full-filled performances. The complex consists of a number of Bomas (villages), each constructed in the architectural style of Kenya’s major ethnic groups.

The centre has been accredited with a high profile that the first meeting of the National Constitutional Conference was held here in 2003, producing the Bomas Draft of the new constitution.

You can get to this cultural centre so easily. It is situated in Langata, widely known by the bus and Matatu drivers.

Note that if you bring along a video camera, there’s an extra admission charge.

Cultural performing at Bomas Cultural Centre

Bomas of Kenya Live!

The Bomas Harambee Dancers are Kenya’s renowned national dancing company that is proudly representing the beauty and diversity of Kenya’s music and dance traditions since 1973. Both local and international visitors can experience the delightful sounds and movements of Kenya during their daily cultural performances.

bomas of Kenya Nairobi

bomas of Kenya Nairobi

Performers at Bomas of Kenya are also available for hire to perform at events arranged either communally, locally or publicly at a minimal fee.  The troupe’s repertoire consists of over 50 dances from different ethnic communities.

They can do live percussion, string and wind instruments enriched with authentic and energetic dancing, Bomas Harambee Dancers will take you on an enchanting journey through Kenya’s cultural divergence.

To further beautify the cultural experiences presented to their audiences, the Bomas of Kenya went ahead and collected and continually preserve the cultural artefacts from various communities of the country. Our rich and diverse catalogue covers all regions and communities of Kenya and ranges from everyday use artefacts (such as stools, food and beverage containers) to artefacts reserved for special ceremonies (e.g. traditional circumcision knives, ritual masks, etc.).

An exhilarating electrical performance at Bomas

These artefacts are freely available for viewing at their gallery space. These artefacts are mostly used for educational and exhibition purposes intended to pass on culture to the younger generation. Let the culture be passed on to the next generation.

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