Kachumbala rock in Bukedea district

Kachumbala rock is a glance of beauty at its top. A treasure to keep you physical fit. A truthful representation  of wondrously geographically formed features.  Best activity to do for the physically fit ardent travellers that are ready to overcame any obstacle to have the best. At the top of this rock is the awful sight of what none imagines.

Kachumbala rock

 Location of Kachumbala Inselberg rock.

Kachumbala rock is located in the Teso sub-region in the eastern part of the country (Uganda). It is in Kachumbala County in Bukedea district. Kachumbala rock is named after the local Area can easily be spotted while driving along Mbale – Soroti highway. It is about 29 kilometers from Mbale.

What to do at Kachumbala rock.

The Kachumbala rock rises standing tall in the flat land with no rival blocking the adventurer’s sight from seeing afar off.

Stone quarrying: With locals present here at all times of the day except for night, you can try stone quarrying activity with the Itesot locals found doing it within the rock.

Hiking to the top: This is the dominant at Kachumbala rock. From the bottom to the top of the rock. The process is tiresome, energy draining but pays off after you get to the top. The beautiful sceneries and other beauty sighted only at top makes you forget the hustle faced during the hike.

Other attractions within the area.

Sipi falls

Sipi falls only romantic falls in Uganda. If you enjoy undiluted moments and beautiful sceneries, check out with Uganda’s most loved romantic falls. Feel ok to contact Jewel safaris for the quote of safari to Sipi falls.

Mount Elgon national park

With the Elgon mountain being the dominant attraction of this part, you ought to include it on your safari itinerary. Located in the outskirts of Mbale town, Mountain Elgon has the largest caldera at its summit that will take you by surprise and make you think that the promise3d land is found in Lumasaba land at Kenya-Uganda border.  You can do hiking, nature walks and extra.

Nyero rock painting: at the outskirts of Kumi municipality ion Nyero is the historical art work of the early inhabitants of the area. The art is clear enough, some of the art drawn shows the ladders, crocodile, round structures and several others. Learn the past from here. Book your safari with Jewel safaris.

What to do in eastern Uganda.

Iteso culture: what have you heard about the nicknamed “wise people from the east?” Well, you coming closer to them during your safari will help to discover what you have and have not read on media or seen elsewhere about Itesot people’s culture and traditions.

Itesots have a local brew called “Ajono” which almost every visitor that reaches this land wants to taste. Food stuffs like atapa, “Kalo in Luganda” literally in English is millet/sorghum/ cassava bread. Learn how its cooked, learn how they use oxen to clear their agricultural fields prior planting. There is more to learn and do with these Itesots people. Musically, you can dance to the local music played from instruments like Akogo, Adungu and several others.

Lumasaba culture and events: This include: imbalu that happens every even year. You can book safari with Jewel safaris targeting this event. This is one of the thrilling things one can do while in the Lumasaba land at the right time. Cuisines here includes: malewa, matooke and others. Welcome to Lumasaba land.

Moru Apesur rock: This is located in Soroti town, ideal for hiking too.


Ideally best for visitors who are researchers, school academic trips or tours, hikers and several others.

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