Is gorilla trekking difficult?

Incase you are wondering about the difficulty of the gorilla trekking activity, make sure to plan for a gorilla trekking safari during the dry season when the paths are less slippery. To participate in the gorilla trekking activity, you need to be physically fit/have a certain level of fitness since it is strenuous with a rugged and mountainous terrain.

The gorilla habituation experience where visitors spend up to 4 hours with the mountain gorillas requires more physical fitness. Though the gorilla trekking experience is strenuous and tiring, it is worth the time, attempt and money.

Uganda gorilla tracking safari for special needs persons/ Persons with limited mobility.

Gorilla tracking can be challenging and this puts a limit on the persons that can participate in the gorilla tracking activity.  It is important to let your tour operator know about any fitness difficulties before travelling.

For disabled persons and the elderly , gorilla tracking can be challenging but this should not discourage you from booking a Uganda gorilla safari. There is availability of special sedan chairs or stretcher carrier which are used to carry the special needs persons as they move through the forest. Porters are available for hire at $15 each. Four porters are required to carry a stretcher. Stretchers and sedan chairs are also available for hire.

For the elderly who might not be able to move for long distances, the ranger assigns you a gorilla family that is close to the briefing point so as to avoid trekking for a long time. Therefore it is advisable that elderly persons book their gorilla tracking tour in advance so as to get a mountain gorilla group that is close to the starting point.

In order to have a successful gorilla trekking experience, ensure to put together all the crucial items on the gorilla trekking pack list.

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