The Hippo census – Wildlife Research

Hippo census is an amazing research activity that is carried out in only Queen Elizabeth National Park and it is an activity that involves counting all visible hippo heads in all the water bodies within the park; Lake Edward, Lake George, Kazinga channel, the different river and craters. Before the hippo census, the census team conducts training on how the activity will be conducted. The activity is done on a boat ride along with the water bodies but it is also done on foot along the shores of the water bodies.

Requirements for the hippo census

Binoculars are required in order to focus and get clear counting of the hippos. Datasheet record to fill in the counts of the hippos and capture all numbers. A camera to take pictures of the hippos.

Hippo Census

Hippos swimming

The hippo census is best done in the morning hours before the sun is out and it can be conducted by 2 or more people. The activity is done every after 2 years.

How the hippos counting is conducted.

While on the hippos’ census, there are specialized researchers who count all visible hippo heads when reaching any hippo school along the shorelines. And then the observer announces the number to the person in charge of records; it is an activity done by two or more people.

Hippo Census

Hippos sunbathing

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the only park with experimental/ research activities such as hippo census. The other experimental activities include; lion tracking, banded mongoose tracking. Some of the tourist activities here include a boat cruise at Kazinga channel, game drive hot air balloon, chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest, bird watching. For any inquiries about the Hippo census in Queen Elizabeth National Park, reach out to Jewel safaris limited for an immediate response and itinerary.