Hares Uganda


  1. i) Scrub hare; it is a small animal which weighs between 1.5-4.5kg. The scrub hare’s back is variable darker, shades of brown to grey, with all white under parts and well defined pattern which contrasts on the face. The nape of the neck is warm russet and a fore head spot is common. Incisors have deep grooves and the muzzle is more projecting than in the cape hare. There is enormous regional variation in the length of the ears. It prefers scrubby grasslands, grassy areas within woodlands, secondary growth and wooded steppes as its habitat. It depends on grass species which are cropped less close to the ground.


  1. ii) Common rabbit; it weighs between 0.8-3kg. It is a small, short-limbed, brown coated rabbit or digging hare with shorter ears and a rounder head than true hares. The tips of the ears are never black. It prefers bushy and broken country environments. The rabbit depends on grass and herbs as its diet. It lives on the surface when predators and the climate allow. The digging of dens, burrows or warrens is likely to represent a response to a combination of environmental pressures. As with all hares, rabbits produce a variety of scents which help to regulate their social behavior.

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