What to Pack for a Gorilla Trekking Safari

Travelers should make sure to carry with them;

Hiking boots are comfortable and good for the muddy and slippery trails during the rainy season but also good for the hilly areas.

Long-sleeved shirts, jackets, waterproof trousers. These will protect you from insects, getting wet and getting scratched by the tree branches.

Binoculars enable you to view some of the other animals and bird species in the park.


Packed lunch and drinking water. Gorilla trekking may take about 8 hours and this can be very exhausting. Tourists are advised to pack energy-boosting snacks/food and drinks before they set off for the trek.

Garden gloves. The garden gloves protect your hands from getting pricked by thorns on tree branches.

Sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun’s rays.

Waterproof backpack. This keeps your equipment (cameras) safe from water or mist in the forest.

Insect repellant. The forest has all kinds of bugs and insects and these may cause irritation when they get in contact with the skin and the insect repellant helps to keep them away.

Camera with extra batteries in order to capture all the moments throughout the whole activity of gorilla trekking.

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