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Book a safari to East Africa with Jewel Safaris and we surely will take you to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi city.

Giraffe Centre is the creation of the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (A.F.E.W. Kenya), a Kenyan non-profit organization. Their main purpose is to educate Kenyan school children and youth on their country’s wildlife and environment, as well as give local and international visitors an opportunity to come into close contact with the world’s tallest species, the giraffe. In 1977 when Jock Leslie-Melville and his wife Betty Leslie-Melville discovered the sad plight of the Rothschild Giraffe ( a giraffe subspecies found only in the grasslands of East Africa), they founded the Giraffe Centre. With their efforts, funds were raised, an education centre constructed and over 300 Rothschild Giraffes are safely breeding well in various Kenyan national parks.

Langata Giraffe Centre

Langata Giraffe Centre

The giraffe centre is currently home to seven female and three male giraffes. Six of these were born at the Centre while four were translocated from different parks and nature conservancies across Kenya. By names the giraffes are, Betty (oldest at 17), Kelly –tallest of the females, Daisy IV, Stacey, Salma II, Margaret, Edd (the biggest and father to all the calves), Nandi (2 year calf to Stacey), Mpingo, Lilly and Olerai.

You are freely granted permission to observe, hand-feed or even kiss one of the giraffes from a raised wooden structure.

What a priceless experience! You may also spot warthogs snuffling about in the mud, and there’s an interesting self-guided forest walk through the adjacent Gogo River Bird Sanctuary. What an experience awaiting for you at this most visited place in Nairobi city!

History of the Giraffe center Kenya

In 1979 Jock Leslie-Melville (the Kenyan grandson of a Scottish earl) and his wife, Betty, began raising a baby giraffe in their Langata home. At the time, when their African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) was just getting off the ground, it started with about 120 Rothschild’s giraffes. The Rothschild’s giraffe that had been pushed to the brink of extinction by severe habitat loss in western Kenya were saved by the ardent wildlife lovers here. Today, the number of the Rothschild’s giraffes are more than 300 and some have been successfully transferred to the different protection areas like: Lake Nakuru National Park (home to around 45 giraffes), Mwea National ReserveRuma National Park and Nasolot National Reserve.

Giraffe center

Giraffe center

To get here from Central Nairobi by public transport, take matatu 24 via Kenyatta Ave to the Hardy shops and walk from there. Alternatively, take matatu 26 to Magadi Rd, and walk through from Mukoma Rd. A taxi from the city centre should cost around KSh1500 or $ 15 per person.

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