Fort Patiko (Samuel Baker’s Fort) – Historical site in Gulu Uganda

The place referred to as Fort Patiko, Fort Baker, or Bakers fort was a military structure that served as the collection point for the slaves during the slave trade business. It was built by early explorers led by Sir Samuel Baker in 1864 after it was discovered by him and his wife Florence Baker.

Fort Patiko entrance Fort Patiko

Located in Northern Uganda in the district of Gulu, Fort Patiko lies on Ocecu hill about 2 kilometres from Gulu town at Nimule nearing Sudan and Egypt.

Founded on several rationales like need to sort slaves, long distances to the market reach in Sudan and Egypt where Arabs trade merchants settled, there was a need to get a resting point for the slaves, there was also need to acquire a place for keeping of ammunitions and the early explorers bumped on Ocecu hill which became the convenient place where they carried out all the sorting, kept the slaves, and ammunitions, as well as a resting point.

Location of Bakers Fort Patiko in Gulu

Bakers Fort also acted as a convenient trading venue, and at Ocecu Hill is where they built huts to aid as stores for valuables like ivory, food as well as ammunition. Ocecu Hill also became the main place for trading slaves. Bakers Fort was spotted or discovered by Sir Samuel baker and Florence Baker in 1864 as one of the treasures that John Speke had spoken about.

Patiko was discovered prior to Murchison falls and Lake Albert. Upon Sir Samuel Baker’s departure, the fort was later used by Charles Gordon and Emin Pasha who were representatives of the British protectorate to Uganda

Fort Patiko Fort Patiko

For cultural and Historical rationales, Baker’s Fort is of mega importance. At Baker’s fort, dark markings  are assumed to be the blood splatters of slaves who could not make it to the market due to the long distances and were beheaded at this spot and their blood is still very visible on the rocks.

Though this place witnessed unpleasant background to the humanity of the slave trade, it offers a feel to explore part of its history that dates back to the 19th century.

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Other Attractions Near Fort Patiko (Samuel Baker’s Fort)

Guru Guru Caves

Located about 25 kilometers in the northern side of Gulu town, these are said to have been used as a safety haven during the notorious Lamogi rebellion and historical inter-clan wars among the Lou. Still in history, if you feel you love knowing the past, can arrange an itinerary for you to this place too, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

Amoro Hot spring

About 35 km from Gulu town is where you will find these hot springs which are considered the largest hot springs in Northern Uganda, in Paga parish, Amoro sub-county, Kilak County. They sit on a land area of about 100 sq. meters and unfortunately, the destination is underdeveloped but potentially available for tourism exploitation. It also has enough ground space for camping.

Tochi Resort Beach

Tochi beach is a low-lying sandy bank of River Tochi found 20 km away from Gulu town. A lot is lacking but the beach has a lot of potential for development into a key tourist attraction for excursions, camping, and the construction of bandas.

What to see and do In Gulu’s Bakers Patiko

 Hill Climbing

Fort Patiko Fort Patiko

With several hills like Ocecu hill where Fort Patiko is situated, Ato, Kilak, and Moro hills, all these spread in the northern parts of Uganda, all offering opportunities to showcase your fitness by hiking to the top, offering spectacular views from the birds-eye to the surrounding area and the best of it is photography at a new altitude.

 Atiak forest reserve Colobus Monkeys

Fort Patiko - Atiak Forest Reserve Fort Patiko - Atiak Forest Reserve

Atiak Forest Reserve near the Albert Nile is home to colobus monkeys which can easily be spotted here. On top of the colobus monkeys are some mammals, a wide variety of bird species and the short Savannah forest canopies combine to give a potential attraction that may be enhanced by tourist trails and camping.

Cultural Performances and Antiquities

Though Acholi’s cultural heritage and dances is not yet fully developed for tourism, plans are under way by the local authorities to establish a cultural centre in Gulu town for crafts, souvenirs and cultural ornaments and regalia.

However when in Uganda or within the East African region, don’t miss out having the opportunity to explore the Acholi people’s side of music with dances like Araka Raka and so many interesting ones.

Relevant information

Unfortunately, there is neither accommodation nor hospitality facilities like restaurants around the Baker’s fort or Fort Patiko. Tourists are advised to bring their requirements such as food, airtime, and water among others.

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