Tree climbing Lions of Ishasha

Filming tree climbing lions has helped create awareness of what Uganda has. Filming Tree climbing lions in Uganda is done in in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth national park in Ishasha sector.  

Queen Elizabeth national park is the most visited game park by several travellers coming to Uganda for tourism thus completing the “the pearl of Africa” slogan that Sir Churchill referred Uganda to be.

Where to spot tree climbing lions in East Africa Uganda.

Tree climbing lions are found at Queen Elizabeth national park. They can only be spotted at the Ishasha sector giving tourists visiting this region one classic experience as they encounter with the first family of the jungles (King Lion, Queen Lioness and the cubs) while on top of the baobab trees, fig trees in this sector of the park.

Lions take a nap on top of a tree

Requirements for Filming climbing lions.

Filming tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park is permitted only after the organization or the media house or the filming company has wholly fulfilled and surpassed the Uganda wildlife authority guidelines.

Any filming at any national park in Uganda has to be approved and permission granted by Uganda wildlife authority. For filming that involves usage of space  crafts permission from Uganda civil aviation is needed necessarily.

while the security personnel like army, police give clearances on areas to do with border which may not be a case on this one. Contact Jewel safaris for ground handling assistance and securing the permissions on your behalf. 

Jewel safaris also will do bookings for you like accommodations, transportation and availing the support team from Uganda.  Still, Jewel safaris will assist in acquisition of permits. Contact and book with Jewel safaris.

Other wildlife here apart from Lions at Ishasha sector.

In a good day, there are also leopards at this sector that climb trees like lions and hopefully on the lucky fateful day of shooting, the camera will be in position to capture another big cat on top of the tree.

Pride resting on tree branches

For all the necessary details concerning what you got to have prior being cleared to film these prides, contact us today’s and we shall avail them all to you. But the few mandatory ones are:
An official letter drafted, directed to the Executive director Uganda wildlife authority expressing interest in conducting a filming activity at Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. After this, wait for the response and meeting reschedule that will specify what and what the requirements are.

There is more to film from here like the chimpanzees at their natural home in Kyambura gorge, the banded mongoose.

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