Entanda Cultural Adventure – Cultural Tourism in Uganda

Entanda is located in Mityana district in Kijjude village meaning “Abundance”. Entanda is about an hour’s drive from Kampala city. 

Entanda is a community based tourist initiative with an authentic visitor experience and it has developed a several number of exciting activities that attract a large number of tourists/visitors.  

It can also be a stopover for the tourists going on trips to the western part of Uganda in FortPortal, Kasese, Hoima and several other places.

Entanda Cultural Adventure

Entanda Cultural Adventure


Fruits buffer

Enjoy a mouthwatering fruit buffet with a variety of fruits such as; jack fruits, mangoes, sugarcanes, pineapples, guavas, paw paws, yellow bananas and may others.


You get an opportunity to participate in preparation of traditional food such as Luwombo and have it served in a typical traditional setting. 

Traditional music

Entanda Cultural Adventure - Traditional music

Entanda Cultural Adventure – Traditional music

Enjoy the kiganda traditional dance and also listen to the sound of several traditional musical instruments like the sekitulege (sexy musical instrument).

Talks by Senga and Kojja (Aunt and uncle)

This is an adult ONLY session because it’s fully meant for bedroom issues. Many partners don’t get satisfied with the performances of their loved ones and end up seeking it from outside the relationship. Thus, the rationale for constant heartbreaks. Do you love your family? Please get the time and visit this community and learn techniques to blend and spice your relationship and have the closeness renewed. This responsibility of building up youth to qualify for marriage is a responsibility for aunt for girls and uncle for boys that why its uncle and aunt who will handle you too since they have vast experience in these things.

Soccer game

The soccer game is the final activity of the day and this happens between visitors and the hosts and the winner takes a goat. As the match goes on, there is goat roasting where visitors get an opportunity to roast their own meat.


Hunting is done not to kill but to catch and release back to the wilderness. But the moment here is the hunting experience. Come give a try however, this is only done by men while ladies learn how to prepare food for the men who will be returning from hunting.

Tree planting.

Plant trees as part of conservation and also get to give them your own chosen names. 

Visit honey hives.

Not only visiting but also harvesting it. The biggest part is tasting the unprocessed, nutritious honey direct from its hive. 

There are so many other activities such as bark cloth making, traditional tree swinging, kojja and senga talks (Uncle and Aunt), traditional weaving and others. Visit Entanda today, plan your tour with Jewel Safaris. Reach out to us via info@jewelsafaris.com .

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