EAST AFRICA Tourist Information



The East African Community is made up of 5 countries, The Republics of Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Burundi. The headquarters for the EAC is in Arusha, Tanzania.

In 2005 the first Customs Union was established, where all EAC members established a free trade on goods and services amongst themselves and agreed on a common external tariff on imported goods from outside the EAC zone.

In 2010, a Common Market was established, where all EAC members allow the free movement of goods, persons, labour/workers, services and capital.  In addition, rights of establishment and residence were also agreed upon.

In 2013 it was agreed that within the next 10 years, a single East African currency would be established; to this end, it was agreed to harmonize fiscal policies, financial,payment and settlement systems, financial accounting and reporting practices, as well as policies and standards of statistical information.



Recently an East African Tourist Visa was established, where tourists can move freely between 3 of the member countries for up to 3 months; the countries involved are Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The East African Visa is a multi entry visa.

All 5 countries in the East African Community issue their own Tourist Visas; Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda offer a choice of of a single country visa, or the 3-country East African Visa.