Dolwe Island Rock art site on lake Victoria

The world’s awesome historical site wonder in Uganda. Dolwe island rock art is another captivating beautiful place to visit for history lovers. This place has long age rock art designs giving proof that it had early inhabitants. Though Dolwe island rock art is not as famous as Nyero rock paintings, it is another place to see what history has for the present and future.

Location of Dolwe Rock Art.

Dolwe Island Rock

Dolwe Island Rock

This well-endowed historical rock art is found in the northeastern part of the deepest freshwater lake in Uganda; Lake Victoria.

How can Dolwe island rock art be reached?

Dolwe Island rock art is reachable by water transport. One has to board a boat due to its location on the water body. The boat cruise or ride lasts about 2 hours from landing mainland to the island. The journey from the mainland to the rock is about 50 kilometers.

Rock art management and founders.

This rock art was established and managed by a combination of 3 organizations. These bodies include; Trust for African Rock Art (TARA), Uganda Museum, and Prince Claus Fund Amsterdam. This was established to conserve the frailty of the most treasured attractions of this place.

 How well-endowed is Dolwe Island?

Dolwe island rock art is so much endowed with vital archeological features endemic to Dolwe Island. The beautiful extensive rich artistic works were left drawn by the early inhabitants of the island.

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