Cultural Tours in Uganda

Uganda is blessed with a wide diversity in culture and a cultural tour visiting different local communities and cultural sites gives you an insight as you explore, encounter, and interact with the local people and entertainment in form of traditional performances, playing musical instruments, narrating folk tales and tasting local dishes. Uganda has over 50 tribes each with unique interesting features embedded in its practices which for long has been a pillar in the tourism sector.

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi tombs

Uganda’s different cultures are highly famous for exhibiting high levels of hospitality to the visitors and still on being hospitable, Uganda was voted among the most hospitable countries in the world all attributed to these tribes. Cultural tours in Uganda can be conducted in different places while exploring different cultures. Some of the places to be visited include, kingdoms, local communities and historical sites.

Places to visit for Cultural tours

  1. Kasubi tombs. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is the main burial ground for the kings of Buganda kingdom. 
  2. Kabaka’s Palace. Also referred to as the Lubiri, this is a great place to visit and learn about the history of Buganda. You can also visit Bulange, the Buganda parliament and attend some of the parliamentary sessions.
  3. Uganda Museum. The Uganda museum preserves the history and cultural heritage of the country. Displays of artifacts and tools are used for demonstration and these include, traditional music instruments, archeological remains and so many others. 
  4. Namugongo martyrs shrine. This one of the most visited religious site in Uganda and East Africa. Every 3rd June of every year, hundreds of Christian pilgrims gather to remember the death of their fellow Christians who died due to failure to give up their faith. Their death was ordered by Kabaka Mwanga ii of Buganda.
  5. Bigo bya mugenyi located in south western Uganda. This is translated as “Fort of a stranger”. This was a former home of the Bachwezi demi-gods who left artifacts and tools such as arrows, spears, shields that are believed to be of great importance to culture. Tourists visiting have to first cleanse themselves with water before accessing the place.
  6. Karambi tombs. Found in FortPortal town, this is where the former kings of Tooro are buried with royal princesses and princes. They are of great significance to the Tooro culture.
  7. Igongo Culture Centre. A museum situated in Mbarara district show casing the  history, culture, norms and customs of the people of south western Uganda in a typical homestead.
  8. Karamojong cultural tour. The indigenous tribe with a unique culture can be found in North Eastern Uganda and some situated in Kidepo Valley National Park. They can be recognized by their dressing which is similar to the Masaai of Kenya and Tanzania. The semi-nomadic pastoralist group are rich in cultural heritage and a visit to their traditional homestead “The Manyattas” enlightens you on their typical way of living. Enjoy the traditional dance and some storytelling, you may also purchase their unique local crafts and jewelry.
  9. Batwa community visit. The Batwa people can be found in Semuliki National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These are hunters and gatherers who lived the forest and known as the forest keepers. A visit to the Batwa communities gives you an opportunity to experience their way of life and how they lived all through storytelling. Other activities to take part in may include; traditional dance performance, hunting demonstration and many others.
  10. Ndere troupe cultural center. The Ndere centre is located in Ntinda and here, traditional performances from tribes all over Uganda can be witnessed and you also enjoy local food delicacies. 
  11. Tooro palace. This is one of the places to visit while exploring the city of FortPortal in Kabarole district. Learn and discover more about the Batooro culture on your visit to the palace. 

Other places in Uganda that can be visited for a cultural tour include, local craft markets, IK community visit in North Eastern Uganda, Nyero rock paintings in Kumi district, Wamala tombs and several other sites. 

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