Culinary Tourism in Uganda

Foods are a very essential and key elements in any safari and for any traveller to have a successful safari, the food must be prepared beyond their expectations because food offers the best token to the experiences gathered in the wilderness as it is widely said in Uganda that “A delicious meal makes a memorable safari or journey”. Many great travellers who have booked through Jewel Safaris Limited for any Ugandan safari can bear witness on the exceptionally delicious dishes Uganda offers to its nationals and the visitors. Just perfectly combined with a true African set up that will see you get served your meals with the ancient African traditional crockery items that enrich and beautifully preserve the culinary tourism, history and traditional origin of Africa.

Culinary Tourism

Uganda is made magical beyond the wildlife and physical feature spread all over the country to the amazing and awesome traditional meals. Boosted with very fresh and enticing foods got from the back yard gardens of fertile enriched soils and famous for the healthy nutrient that it holds. These foods are great for boosting the traveller’s energy levels while having an epic and lively journey through Uganda.

Just as the Pearl of Africa is endowed with lots of attractions, same applies with the vast dishes found in its land. With each region having its identifying dish, culinary tourism is spreading out across the whole country at a very fast rate. This is  making culinary tourism so adventurous, a unique experience that it avail a traveller with all opportunities to explore the different regions in Uganda; western, eastern, northern and southern on a culinary tourism exercise, unwrapping what each region has to offer. This culinary journey also gives a traveller an opportunity to find out more about a particular region visited and getting exposure to the traditional customs of the true African setting. Below let’s explore culinary tourism in each of the different regions in the country.

Central Uganda.

Culinary Tourism Culinary Tourism

If you are in the central region of Uganda while on a Ugandan safari holiday, be expectant to have an opportunity to taste the delicious Luwombo which is a master piece Baganda cultural royalty dish made for esteemed guests for its amazing and superb taste. Different food items especially sauce including chicken and fresh ground nuts or mushrooms are skilfully prepared in banana leaves and served alongside wonderful local brew made from sweet bananas.

 Eastern Uganda.

Furthermore, if you reached to the Eastern region of the Pearl of Africa which is the only place on earth where the outstanding delicacy dish-Malewa; a very simple but so traditionally rich in cultural history of the Gishu tribe is prepared, you wouldn’t  look back next time when deciding the next destination stop for tourism. “Amalewa” dish, made up of smoked fish has a simple preparation procedure as illustrated below however, you ought to visit this land to do it practically.

The bamboo shoots are dried above a fire place for about three days. They are then soaked in water overnight and when they become soft, the top layers are peeled off. They are then covered in water and boiled for about half an hour before the water is poured off. The hard joints of the bamboo are cut off and the soft parts remain. The softer parts are then cut into smaller pieces, rinsed in water thoroughly until the water coming off is clean and boiled again for about half an hour, rock salt or “Magadi” is added in water to dissolve then its poured over the cut bamboo shoots. After boiling for about thirty minutes under medium heat, groundnut sauce is poured over the shoots and left to boil for about thirty-five minutes when it’s ready and is usually served with plantain also known as “matooke” by the locals.

When you go further to the land of the Iteso, you will find “Kalo” (sorghum bread; made by mixing cassava flour with sorghum flour). You will also be treated to “ebale” (mushrooms sauce) which comes in different types which have the following local names: eswei, imaruk, aujo and many others. These mushrooms can be cooked in different ways for instance it can be pasted after sun drying, or cooked with sour milk. It can also be prepared without any ingredients but mixed with green vegetables called “eboo”. It is also a culture in many homes in Teso region that chicken is cooked for the high-profile visitors like you! Get time to visit the Far East.

 Northern Uganda.

Pearl of Africa’s northern region is the place to find the best vegetarian dishes and other amazing cuisines added up with perfect seasoning. Though rich in delicious dishes, many tourists rarely reach this side of Uganda thus missing out on the yummy dishes cooked here. Some of the foods prepared here include dishes Kwon (a staple dough made from maize, millet or sorghum) or Amukeke (sliced dry sweet potato) served with amazing vegetable dish which would be made of eggplants cooked together with okra and dried fish. There are several dishes here too like malakwang, anyoya (a mixture of beans and maize nicely spiced with onions), and several others.

Let the exploration of Uganda’s dishes begin with your booking now! Are you ready? Yes! Then send your inquiries to and we shall tailor the itinerary to suit your needs.

Western Uganda

Firinda and millet bread -Culinary Tourism Culinary Tourism

The western part of Uganda is the source of several foodstuffs supplied to the whole country and it flourishes with lots of amazing dishes, most famous being Matooke (plantain) and Eshabwe which is such a delightful meal made from milk and butter, making it a very delicious dish to taste while on a trip to western Ugandan. You shouldn’t miss out on tasting the fresh long-horned cattle BBQ prepared. An amazing camp fire experience is boosted with the following refreshing dishes: Firinda, obulo, enturire, and several others are just part of the rich delicacies in this part of the country. Send in an inquiry now and reserve or book your trip to this part of the country and taste what they have in their rich land.

With Jewel Safaris Limited, culinary tourism is brought to life as you explore the deeper regions of East Africa to experience the full beauty of a true Africa culinary lively hood.  There is a lot to write about the culinary tourism in Uganda but we’ve focused on those few tribes. However, each tribe in Uganda has its own unique food which makes Uganda known as the home of many tribes and cuisines.