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Crater Lakes in Uganda

Crater Lakes in Uganda : South western Uganda is home to the majority of the best destinations to see in the Pearl of Africa. Some of these attractions include the crater lakes, the mountains of the moon, the primates’ capital (Kibale National Park)Queen Elizabeth National park, and many others. Pristine or clean/fresh or virgin Crater Lakes in the heart of Uganda– the Pearl of Africa where memories can be made without disturbances.

Around these virgin destinations are activities such as hiking, climbing, biking, boating in a Reed Boat and fishing among several others.  The scenery varies with the lakes or the craters in some cases. Uganda’s crater lakes are simply amazing and beautifully created to offer great hiking experiences to thrill while on Uganda Safaris. Some are near the tea plantations while others lead to villages and adding to the crater lakes is the scenic view of the highest block mountain in Africa in proximity. What an incredible and beautiful combination to the beholder.

Created through the volcanic process and the post-process left the beautiful features behind.

Katwe crater lakes

These are found in the highest point of Queen Elizabeth National Park. With several buffalo and elephant herds likely to be seen all through the journey or drive to the lakes, it is about a 27 kilometers drive towards the beautiful crater without missing to view Lake Kitagata which is fed by a salty hot spring. Also along this route, you will have panoramic views of the Western Rift Valley and its escarpments, the Rwenzori Mountains or Mountains of the Moon, Lake George, Lake Edward, and the 42 km long Kazinga Channel.  Along this route, you also have the opportunity to visit Lake Katwe and its ancient salt works where you can take a tour that will benefit the local community.

Bunyaruguru Craters

Situated at the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park on the Kichwamba Escarpment Lake, Nkugute is a beautiful crater lake that is visible from the Mbarara-Kasese road. However, there are about 20 crater lakes found here and many dry craters. There are also viewpoints where you can see the Kichwamba Rift valley and Queen Elizabeth National  Park. Though several visitors we have coming to Uganda are not aware of this destination, be among the very first to explore. Book a trip to visit them with us via and surely we shall have them added to your safari’s itinerary with activities from Hiking to Boating.

Ndali – Kasenda Craters near Fort Portal and Kibale Forest:

Crater Lakes in Uganda
Crater Lake – Ndali – Kasenda

When they talk about Uganda’s beauty, southwestern Uganda is one of the places that must be spelled out first. With many hikes to be taken here, these crater lakes can be explored on foot. After a successful hike here, there is hidden beauty in the different altitudes that can only be explored after the hike, the “Top of the World” gives one great view of the crater lakes here, the Rwenzori Mountains or Mountains of the Moon, Tea Plantations, Kibale Rainforest Jungle, Lake George and the Kichwamba escarpment of the Western Rift Valley. Make sure you carry your camera or phone while hiking to the top of these crater lakes. These are the best to include on your travel bucket list while going to the world’s primate capital in Kibale National park for an awesome experience.

Kyaninga Crater Lake

Lake Kyaninga is one of the jewels that Uganda has in the outskirts of Fort Portal town, surrounded by the best atmosphere, filled with fresh air and cool breaths and offering spectacular views of the mountains of the moon which it overlooks. Lake Kyaninga is a delightful venue and site to be at and helps to beautify one’s travel appetite. It’s one of the best places for hiking and biking.  Lake Kyaninga is a Crater Lake that gives breath-taking views of the Rwenzori Mountains also known as the Mountains of the Moon.

The Explosion Crater Lakes and Explosion Craters in Uganda are places to add to your must-visit list while on or when visiting Uganda because their beauty is not worth missing and are a delight to behold, great scenery but also give great swimming, boating, and some fishing opportunities…enjoy Uganda – the Pearl of Africa on Uganda Safaris Tours

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