Community Tour Experiences on A Uganda Safari

On a safari to Uganda, community tour experiences are some of the most interesting and educative tours to engage in. Learn and get an exposure on the day-to-day activities of the different communities.

Katara Women’s Group

This is a women led community-based organization situated in Rubirizi district neighbouring Queen Elizabeth National Park. They carryout conservation through craft making and paper products by using elephant dung. Products made out of the dung include; paper bags, photo frames, postcards, Album books, necklaces, menus, visitors’ books and so much more.

On your visit to the community, you will witness a demonstration on how elephant dung is used to make paper, take on a bee-keeping tour and coffee roasting experience. The projects help to reduce on the poverty levels within the community and improve incomes of the people.

Katara Women’s Group

Katara Women’s Group

Boomu Women’s Group

Boomu is a local word to mean togetherness. The women’s group is found a few kilometers from the Murchison Falls National Park Kichumbanyobo gate of Kaniyo Pabidi, the chimpanzee eco-tourist site.

The community’s local people engage in different tourism activities and this contributes to the improvement of livelihoods and increased incomes for the members. Visit the craft shop which has a display of various handmade crafts like baskets and you get a demonstration on how they are made with a chance of making your own.

You also get an insight on the lives of the local people through a rural life experience conducted by the local people and taking a scenic village walk, spotting out different activities of interest. Also, a cooking class is available and it gives you a chance to collect your own food from the garden plus firewood for preparation. Wouldn’t this be an amazing experience?


KAFRED is a community-based organisation based in the outskirts of Kibale National Park in the Bigodi community and it was established purposefully for conservation and in turn adding an advantage to the communities from the available tourist activities. Several income generating projects have been started such as bee keeping.

The Bigodi wetland is one of the prime bird watching destinations in Uganda with over 300 bird species. It also harbours various primates; Red tailed monkey, Vervet monkeys, olive baboons and much more. On a nature walk adventure with an experienced guide you may be able to see animals like sitatunga and otters. This can be done anytime of the day and it takes about 3 hours.

Explore the culture of the Bigodi community, encounter the traditional healer who gives you an insight on the use of different local medicine and herbs. Learn more about the traditional life and history from the stories told by elderly persons in the community. Enjoy the local Batooro dish in a typical traditional home.

At the KAFRED office, you may purchase handmade crafts made by the Bigodi Women’s Group. Banana fibre, millet straws, palm leaves are some of the local raw materials used in making mats, baskets, bags and jewellery. Watch as they demonstrate the whole process and also take a shot at producing your own souvenir.

A day spent at the Bigodi community is worthwhile/rewarding.



Entanda Culture Centre

Entanda Cultural Adventure is a community-based tourism organization located in Kijjude village meaning “Abundance”, off Mityana road in Mityana district, a distance that takes about 1 and a half hours from Kampala city. Entanda is a local Ugandan word that refers to a special package offered to people/visitors and this can be verbal or a physical item. The community aims at conserving Buganda’s cultural practices and the environment by offering visitors excellent traditional experiences.

On arrival at Entanda, you are welcomed with a traditional Baganda dance before you listen to elders as they give you more information about the community. After you indulge in an organic fresh fruit buffet and this tops the whole experience at Entanda culture centre. The buffet has a variety of different succulent fruits. You will also engage in other activities such as bark cloth making, visiting the bush “Ssenga (auntie) and Kojja (uncle) talks”, hunting, catching a breath of fresh air on the locally made swings, local wine processing, listen to the sound of Sekitulege, a sexy musical instrument as it’s being played.

Learn and appreciate how to prepare a typical traditional Baganda local dish “Luwombo”. The meal is served the traditional way, seated on mats, and use your hands to enjoy the well-cooked meal. During the visit, you may also get an opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation by planting a tree and naming it.

When planning a visit to Entanda Cultural Centre, endeavour to pack a soccer attire with comfortable soccer shoes because the day tour ends with a soccer match between the visitors and the community members. The winners take a goat for roasting after the match. A beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Arrange/ add a day onto your Uganda safari and seize an opportunity to experience any of the above-mentioned community activities within various communities.