Casinos in Kampala

With favorite jams or songs being played amidst cheerful people, surrounded by hospitable staff, and of course around the beautiful and handsome Ugandan ladies and gentlemen. Kampala casino life never disappoints any [particular individual that is safe, wise, and good at gambling.  Kampala is a one-stop city for entertainment where stress is not permitted with space to take charge. While in Kampala city, you can choose to visit any safe place for socializing. Could be in bars and nightclubs, parties, restaurants, poetry nights, live music, dance-halls, and a variety of art openings all best prepared to make someone in Kampala chill freely. But even with all of this, there’s always room for a little more and that is the casino life in Kampala city. Come, witness, how divergent tribes and races do gambling in Kampala while at their favorite casinos. Ranging from the different machines on display, tables, and many gambling points inside any casino, feel free to contact us at and we encounter together with the casino life in the city that never sleeps as well come and find out why Kampala is called so.  There are several casinos scattered all over the city but amongst many, we came up with the list below.

Kampala Casino

Kampala Casino - Casinos in Kampala Kampala Casino - Casinos in Kampala

Best for an afternoon diversion instead of staying indoors in the hotel room, the centrally located  Kampala Casino along Kimathi avenue on Pan Africa house is one better gambler’s point of interest when in the city. This place has any other standard table and a slot machine that any other best casino world over has a much more relaxed atmosphere with aged chips, room yet still manages to charm all the players in the house. The smart, elegant, and beautiful hospitable staff is happier and excited to serve you and any other player. Drinks are offered freely to players. Food and hard drinks are bought. Can’t miss out on the experience of how Ugandan players win. Kindly contact us at and we respond to your inquiries.

Pyramids Casino

Pyramids Casino - Casinos in Kampala Casinos in Kampala

I absolutely adore themed casinos! This is for the kings of gambling. Pyramid casino definitely did its research before any stuff was put up here! In reference to Ancient Egypt, the pyramids were used as tombs for kings, filled with treasure and riches meant for the king to use in the afterlife. Similarly, Pyramids Casino is rather posh, obviously passing itself off as a high-class venue for the dozens of slots and pretty much every popular table game, including regular poker tournaments. Its located at Yusuf Lule road.

Simba Casino

Casino Simba - Casinos in Kampala

Filled with numerous slot machines, Simba offers a variety of slot machines and tables, with all standard table games such as roulette, blackjack, pontoon, and several different types of poker, and pontoon/blackjack, this casino is found at Garden city. Also offering restaurant service of supplying drinks and serving that are either supplied differently outside a paid fee for gambling or with gambling fee at ago. Along served are packets of cigarettes. This is one’s favorite venue for playing all kinds of games since it gives and you should not make the mistake of not visiting it too when in Kampala or simply hit our inbox for more.

Mayfair Casino

Casinos in Kampala Mayfair Casino - Casinos in Kampala

This is a sister to several other casinos in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, the restaurant in Nakasero with beautiful structures, numerous games such as poker games and slot machines in their spacious gaming room, tasty drinks, yummy foods, cheerful players, and crowds as well the hospitable staff that is willing to make your stay at the casino all lengthy, memorable and winning. There is much better to have a beautiful counterpart helping to cheer you up when winning. It is by far the classiest casino in Kampala and had been a local favorite for years. Come make this spacious favorite to many with historic moments of unending fun in here. Contact us at  and we shall be more than excited to take you through these busy fun-filled venues in Kampala.

There are several of these amazing places for gambling in Uganda that can keep you out of boredom for all the time of your stay in Kampala city. Kindly contact us at Jewel safaris, Africa, for the most hilarious services, and looking forward to handling our inquiries.

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