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Beaches in Uganda

7 Top Beaches in Uganda : How do you always spend your free time? How do you find relaxation, recreation, and privacy off the daily overcrowded city streets? Well, Uganda is dominantly occupied by water bodies like the second deepest and largest freshwater body in the world, the second-longest river in the world, the rift valley lakes, the rivers and swamps that give rise to the different sizes of features that are later turned into best fun thrilling activities point for tourists and locals. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa is proud to be home to the most spectacular beaches which come with an amazing setup on Lake Victoria, for you and your dear ones to relax. About 80% of these beaches in Uganda are located in Entebbe and have stunning sand, celestial sunrises, incredible bird life, and many more.

Though Uganda is best known to many as home to the most endangered giant mountain gorillas, wildlife, and the undisputed favorably best climate, the Pearl of Africa is also well known as the home to the best beach sports and activities that include; swimming, volleyballs, football, and many others that blend up your Ugandan safari. Boat activities like motorboat rides, canoe rides, and many fun activities at the beaches also add up to your beach visit. Most of these beaches are concentrated in selected places in Uganda but the biggest number is found in Entebbe municipality for example Spennah Beach, White Sand Beach, and Imperial Royale Beach among many others.

While at these beaches in Uganda, there are a variety of snacks and a few other eats like deep fried fish, Nyama Choma and several others that are cheaply availed to enjoy your relaxation and fun while there. This limits the effects of hunger that would be the barrier to the cool moments for visitors present.

One Love Beach

Beaches in Uganda Beaches in Uganda

Located in Wakiso district in Busabala suburb, the beach is a spacious relaxation point for the locals and tourists and one of the best points to enjoy Lake Victoria’s fish accompanied by some snacks like chips. Busabala beach also acts as a venue for various events like musical shows and concerts, wedding receptions, video shoots, among many others. There are also organized boat cruises on yachts. Busabala beach is owned by musician turned politician Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi commonly known by his stage name Bobi Wine.

Imperial Beaches

Beaches in Uganda Beaches in Uganda

There is more than one beach all under the Imperial Beaches. They are situated in Entebbe at the shores of Lake Victoria. These beaches include Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach that are ideally very close and offer the best thrilling fun moments for tourists interested in a series of activities around beaches like; water sports and sunbathing, photography among others. They are green and have some exotic trees, unique birds, and plant species, especially at Imperial Botanical Beach. This is one spot you should visit while on Uganda safari before leaving the country.

Lost Paradise Beach on Lake Bunyonyi.

After the best encounter with the gorillas, you can cross over to Lake Bunyonyi and in just 15 minutes of boat cruise, you will have the best experience of Uganda’s hidden secretes on Lost Paradise Beach which is so attractive and perfect for swimming as it is free from any water-borne diseases like; bilharzia and dangerous wildlife such as crocodiles and hippos.

Lutembe Beach

For bird lovers who thrill to do more than one activity, this is the perfect spot for you to encounter most of the incredible birds as well enjoy tourist activities like boat rides among others. Compared to the rest of the beaches in Uganda, Lutembe is decorated with different rose flower gardens and you will also catch a glimpse of most of the aquatic birdlife. It is found in Wakiso district, only a few minutes’ drive from the city center towards Entebbe airport.

Lido beach

Beaches in Uganda

Adjacent to Entebbe International Airport, Lido beach is a perfect place to have snacks, refresh and watch lake breezes. You can as well make this the best point for waiting for your flight. Waiting for your flight in the enjoyment of snacks and aquatic life, do sand games, and several other activities. Lido beach comes with stunning sunsets.

Nabinonya Resort Beach

This is the best among beaches in Uganda for the most adventurous tourists and is so famous for being a natural wonder. Part of these wonders are some primates like; monkeys, reptiles, and birds, and all these offer unique experiences for travellers on Uganda safari. This is the most wanted beach for natural-wonder enthusiasts.

Spennah Beach

Beaches in Uganda Beaches in Uganda

Located just at the airport road, this is the best party lovers’ destination which is frequently used for wedding receptions, birthday parties, music events which keep it so busy throughout weekends. There is a lot of music to enjoy here. Be part of those relaxing in one of the best beaches in Uganda.

The beaches in Uganda are the best areas to wind up your trip a day before departure, rest from the busy urban streets, and have the best cool breezes and so many other areas of enjoyment that will blend up the Ugandan safari and get you off the stressful week. Visit any of them and you won’t regret taking your time. The best travel and exploration companion is Jewel safaris limited and for any other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us through and our team will organize a Uganda safari which will create everlasting memories.

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